The 10 Most Asked Questions Before Budding Interior Designers Enrol on a My Interior Design School Course

It’s always lovely to talk to students before they enrol on our courses or workshops, but as so many of you are busy, live overseas, or just want to get started it’s not always possible to chat to everyone.

So, I thought I’d put together our “10 Most Asked Questions Before Enrolling” – to help make your decision to join My Interior Design School easier.

1.How much time will I need to do a course?

Our Introduction CourseAs a busy, working mum of two teenage daughters (and a rather boisterous dog) I understand that ‘time’ is one of the most important factors in deciding to do a course with us.

That’s why we have a choice of courses and they’re made to be as flexible as possible – to suit your lifestyle.

If you are keen to ‘fast-track’ and really want to make a career in the interior design industry, you may decide to invest in our 5 day Design Week + Business School. This face-to-face course is for a maximum of 10 students, is delivered by our Design Director, Rachael (I’ll be with you on Day 5 for the Business School element) and takes place in the stunning Hotel du Vin in the beautiful Regency spa town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, UK.

That’s by far the quickest way to complete our Introduction to Interior Design course.

If you’re not able to join us in Cheltenham, don’t worry, as you will love our online options:

Our new RESTYLE your home course is a fabulous course to learn how to put a ‘look’ together. This magazine-style course is accessed online and is packed with stunning images to inspire you.
You can even create your own scheme board of your real-life project and get written feedback on your design choices, by our Design Director, Rachael.

You can follow and complete the course anytime within 12 months. It gives you ‘room-by-room’ advice, so you can dip in and out when you need to – so is a fantastic resource if you are re-styling or planning a new scheme in your home.

Advanced CourseIf you want to take your styling skills to the next level – why not think about our Introduction to Interior Design and Advanced Interior Design courses? As Certificate and Diploma-level courses, you can even ‘bundle’ them together at a discounted rate, to save you money.

Each course is for 12 months, has 8 and 14 Modules, and are ideal if you want to get a more formal training in interior design and learn new skills, such as colour, lighting design, layout, floor plans and working to a brief.

It’s best to read about each course on our website – or better still – listen to our Student Testimonial videos and quotes. We would recommend devoting about 2-4 hours a week, so you reach your potential as a designer.

2.Do I need to be ‘good with computers’ to do any of your online courses?

Students often expect to be designing online – which is not the case.

You will need basic computer skills though – and an email address – so you can access the course online and follow the course on your PC, tablet, phone etc.

You can simply look at or reference the course in this way or if you prefer you can download the course (although you’ll need a lot of paper and ink, if you choose that route)!

If (and it is only an ‘if’ – you don’t have to) you’d like our Design Director, Rachael at My Interior Design School to see your practical work and what you’ve created – you will need to be able to take photos of your work and upload them for us to see. (We can give you full details of how to do this).

3.What do you mean by practical tasks?

Choosing coloursWhen we say ‘hands-on’ or ‘practical’ – we mean exactly that – you will be creating your own real-life, design work via our Design Assignments and Student Tasks.

Our online courses are, as you’d expect, very visual, packed with top-tips, step-by-step guides and all-important photos and images to show you what we are talking about.

In some cases, we’ll even show you what other students have done. For instance, we might show you examples of mood boards, elevations, floor plans – not so you can ‘copy’ of course (you’ll have your own designs in mind), but just to inspire and guide you.

Your practical Student Tasks are an opportunity for you to have a go and unleash your creativity.

Depending on which course you choose, the tasks vary. But you will definitely work a lot with colour, put schemes together, learn the important interior design skills of planning, creating floor plans, understand trends, styling and work to a client brief.

4.Do I have to be good at art?


Most of our students do not have any art experience at all. You just need to have a passion for interiors and creating beautiful spaces, an open-mind to learning and follow the course to unlock the designer in you!

5.Do I need any interior design experience to enrol?

Not at all!

Most of our students are complete beginners, have had no formal training, but love home interest magazines, watch TV renovation shows, follow Instagram, spend hours on Pinterest, are inspired by interiors they see around them – perhaps boutique hotels and fabulous restaurants – and want to learn new skills and how to get that ‘designer look’ for themselves.

Take a look at our Student Stories on the website, to learn more about some of our students: what made them decide to enrol and what they are doing now. I find their stories really inspiring and hope you do too!

6.Do I need to be good at maths to draw to scale?

You may be relieved to hear that ‘no you don’t’ – you just need a good ruler. It’s true. We even advise you which ruler to get!

Via our step-by-step photo guides, we show you how to create accurate floor plans – so you can be reassured and confident of getting it right and learning how to design with real-life spaces in mind.

7.Do I need a dedicated space to work on my course?

If you are lucky enough to have a room, desk area, shed or home-office, where you can work on your mood boards, collages, floor plans, that is great. But if not, we would suggest you find an area that makes you feel creative, so you enjoy designing.

(The largest item you will work on is no bigger than an A3 board, so you won’t need lots of storage. You will only be sourcing sample sizes of fabric, swatches, tiles etc, not ordering metres and metres – so your course work should not take over your home).

8. How flexible are the courses?

You can start your course as soon as you have enrolled and we have emailed you details of how to access your course.

After that, each online course is entirely self-paced.

There are no exams or submission deadlines to worry about.

The only date to bear in mind is to complete within 12 months of enrolling.

Otherwise it’s up to you. You can have a break at busy times or when you are away on holiday, choose to take time off work to give yourself a fabulous creative week of interior design, or get organised and schedule a time each week to dedicate to your course.

9. Can I do a face-to-face workshop and an online course?

Of course! We’d love you to join us at Colour School TM or Business School.

If you can get to Cheltenham for our 1-day workshops, it’s a great idea to experience what we do, before you decide to take it further and join us for our whole Design Week or one of our online courses.

Just check the website for dates and let us know as soon as possible if you’d like to come along. We only have small class sizes and often get booked up. So if you don’t want to miss out, book your place as soon as you can.

10. I’m thinking about starting a small interiors business, but don’t know where to start.

Business SchoolWe can help with that too!

Many of our students dream of changing career and can’t believe that one day they will be charging for their design skills and running their own interiors business.

But an amazing 85% of our students go on to do just that!

And it could be you.

Why not give me a call on (01242) 252 477 and we can talk through your plans together.

We’re here to help you realise your interior design dreams.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Anne Wall
Course Director
My Interior Design School

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