9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

Transform Your Home In A Weekend

Are you scared of wallpaper?

Think you’ll just paint a wall instead?

Not sure about pattern repeats and bold designs?

Here we sing the praises for wallpaper. So if you’re planning on decorating in a weekend, we urge you to give wallpaper a try.

Here’s why ….

Wallpaper can have a dramatic and instant effect on one feature wall, to really give a room the ‘wow’ factor. Choose from a selection of murals or even add an illusion of a view to bring drama to your room scheme.

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

Some wallpapers will give an illusion of faux textures and surfaces.

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

If you want the look of ‘wooden’ panels, ‘brick’ and even ‘wrought iron’ gates, think wallpaper first!

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

Create an element of surprise when you open a drawer or wardrobe, with a colourful backdrop of a wallpaper.

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

We love this easy-to-achieve look to add a personal and stylish design statement.

If you enjoy upcycling and you’re looking to revamp a much-loved piece of furniture, why not add some wallpaper?

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper
9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

This is a great way to add a new lease of life to children’s furniture. Update and keep the look fresh with a simple choice of wallpaper.

Easy to do in just one weekend!

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

Have you heard of the ‘fifth wall’?

It’s the latest trend in interiors, where you make use of your ceiling to add a bold design or colour.

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

Decorating with wallpaper on the ceiling will add an instant feel of confidence and drama to your room scheme and is great in hallways and entrances.

9 Easy Ways With Wallpaper

Be bold with your wallpaper choice for a ceiling. Your courage will be rewarded with a fabulous room scheme to be proud of.

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You CAN be the interior designer you’ve always dreamt of!

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