A Home Based Interior Design Business

A home based interior designerThese days many people are considering starting their own business from home to increase family finances. Some people may be redundant or unemployed, while others may have young children at home or dependent relatives. Most people struggle to find an idea that suits their lifestyle. The best idea is always to do something you enjoy. For example if you enjoy arranging your home, decorating, making curtains or thinking about décor makeovers, then why not consider setting up your own home based interior design business?

There will be a lot to be considered before you get started and the first thing to consider is formal training. This will allow your customers to be confident you have an accreditation in the subject and have the knowledge to deliver projects for them. It takes determination and commitment to start a home business so think hard about what services you will offer and the equipment you will need to buy.

If you want a taste of interior design, many interior design schools offer short courses as an introduction. Here at Absolute Academy, all of our courses whether a week long or a year long result in City and Guilds certification. City and Guilds is a standard that is recognised worldwide and will be recognised by your customers. When you are looking at different schools available and their locations you may be put off if time does not allow you to do a residential course or attend classes. Absolute Academy has the answer to this. A home based interior design course. We deliver online courses, which are a perfect solution for anyone with other commitments to work towards their interior design accreditation.

There are many advantages to online learning with a school like ours. We are a working interior design consultancy and learning academy therefore you will be exposed to latest themes, styles and trends. As a working consultancy, our lecturers are the top in their field with plenty of help and knowledge to impart. Our physical location in Gloucestershire that is easily commutable from all parts of the country should you wish to visit with us. We have a short interior design week where we would be delighted to welcome our online learners. You will be assigned a mentor and will always have help on hand while completing your online modules. Best of all you can complete the online modules in your own time using the flexible approach that suits your situation.

We will offer you guidance and the benefit of our expertise as you set forth on your new venture and will always be here to back you up. We love receiving questions from our students and graduates. There is no better time to take up a new opportunity and you will find it surprisingly affordable. Once you have the skills you can divert into your area of interest. If you are talented with fabrics, you could design window dressings and make them yourself as an area of expertise. Perhaps your decorating skills are excellent so you can design and implement the scheme if circumstances allow this. Maybe you are an artist and could include wall murals as part of your services portfolio. The opportunities are endless once you start thinking about them. Why not check out our online courses and call us for a chat about how to get you on your way to your own home based interior design business.


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