A Week in the Life of an Interior Designer

“What’s it like being an interior designer?” We get asked this a lot!

Many of our students dream of changing career and running their own interiors business. But what skills do you need? What will your new lifestyle look like? What is a typical week for an interior designer?

Here we take a look at what a week for an interior designer might look like:


A Week in the Life of an Interior Designer

Monday is a great day to focus on your clients – both existing and new.

If you’re an interior design consultant, you might be offering your design services to private clients. So today you might be in your office following up on a proposal, or discussing the next stage of a design scheme and confirming any fabric and paint choices. A quick email or phone call today will keep your project on track.

If you are doing your own marketing, the first day of the week is ideal to promote yourself to potential new clients. As part of your overall marketing strategy, you might send out emails, organise any printed items, update your website, schedule your social media and follow up on any customer enquiries.


A Week in the Life of an Interior Designer

You could be out at a site visit or meeting a customer today.

Meeting a client for the first time can often feel overwhelming as there are so many questions to ask. What’s the project? Are you restyling a whole house or just one room? How do they want the space to feel? Who will be using it and when? What budget do they have?

Listening to a client is a key skill for an interior designer, so you can help create an interior they will love.


A Week in the Life of an Interior Designer

After you’ve met your client and understood their requirements, you can write your statement of intent with details of timings, budget, your fees, contract and terms and conditions.

Communication and trust between an interior designer and a client are really important, so it is vital to have your paperwork in good order.  

Once the details are agreed and the Contract is signed, now is the time to source and research potential suppliers and contractors to help you run a successful project.


A Week in the Life of an Interior Designer

You could be putting into practice your design skills today.

Planning a design scheme can involve a lot of choices. For both you and the client.

You might be choosing an appropriate colour combination to meet your clients’ brief, sourcing appropriate lighting, flooring, fabrics, paint, artwork and accessories. Or whatever the project dictates.

Once you’ve pulled together your design choices, you’ll need to show them to your client. So you might spend the day creating a scheme board, scaled elevations and an accurate floorplan.

Learning these key skills and how to present them to a client is fundamental to being a successful interior designer.


A Week in the Life of an Interior Designer

The end of the week is a good time to keep on top of any paperwork. Having the right business and finance systems in place is crucial to managing a profitable enterprise.

You may choose to organise your business paperwork in 3 ways – client correspondence, suppliers and contractors and your own business management.

Today you could invoice a client and update your financial records.

Friday can also be a good day to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry. Subscribing to a trade magazine or industry association will keep you informed of any relevant news. Reading consumer magazines, interiors articles in the national press, browsing Instagram or Twitter is a great way to stay informed about the latest trends and industry news.

Knowing and understanding what’s happening in interior design today is vital for your own design choices and working for clients.

A Week in the Life of an Interior Designer

So, what’s it like?

“Varied, creative, challenging and fun” is our answer to anyone asking us “what’s it like to be an interior designer”?

Here at My Interior Design School, we have online interior design courses and face to face workshops to help you realise your design dreams.

We can teach you all the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful interior designer. And you can be a complete beginner!

With us, you can learn the design process, how to combine colours, the secrets to working with a client, how to write a statement of intent, what to charge, how to choose the right lighting, what to consider when sourcing flooring and wallcoverings. We even provide templates and client questionnaires to help you run a project.

If you would like to take the next step and invest in a course, give us a call to see how you can learn new interior design and business skills with us.

It could be the start of your new career!

Call Course Director Anne Wall on (01242) 252 477 or email [email protected].

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