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City & Guilds Accredited Interior Design CoursesAccredited interior design courses are the only sensible option if you are thinking of either pursuing a career in interior design or pursuing the subject for your own personal interest. With an accredited course, you will receive professional tuition that follows a set curriculum with an industry-recognised qualification at the end or a credit to move forward to another stage or module.

People interested in interior design courses can follow an accredited interior design course through online tuition, by post at a local university or college. However, a dedicated academy that is run by qualified interior design professionals who have years of experience in the industry but are also qualified to teach accredited courses is by far the best way of learning and achieving your qualification.

Tutors at our academy are practicing interior designers with their own consultancy that also deliver accredited interior design courses. We offer the City and Guilds vocational courses that allow you to work at your own pace and in your own time. We offer a one-year course part time and a week long diploma that covers highlights of the course.

City & Guilds is the leading vocational awarding body in the UK with over 1.8 million students participating in the subject of their choice every year. Widely recommended and accepted by employers, the City and Guilds accredited interior design course will be a definite attribute for any potential employee.

The initial step in selecting the right accredited interior design course for you is to consider what you intend doing with your interior design knowledge. If you are doing the course for personal achievement and enjoyment, the forward path may not be quite as important but the outcome for people wanting to enter the industry is important which is why we recommend the City and Guilds accredited interior design course. Not only do you receive a high quality course but also it is an essential qualification for anyone entering the interior design industry.

Some people may want to take an accredited interior design course because they intend taking up a college or university degree course in the subject or a related subject and want to have a foundation in the subject to give them a head start. Others may be planning on a mature career change, some may need flexibility to fit around their family and work commitments. The City and Guilds one year part time course we offer is great people with young children, full-time jobs, or other family commitments. The student will be able to devote the time to the course when they are able fully supported by our accredited tutors. This course is ideal for mature students who may want to operate a small craft or interior design business from home and need the right type of tuition plus the benefit of a qualification.

We are always happy to meet and talk to potential students before they sign up for any courses to answer their questions and talk them through the course that is right for them. Nine times out of ten, the accredited interior design courses are the most popular because of the comprehensive curriculum and the recognised qualification that is awarded at the end of the course.


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    Mrs Jan Patrick 26/10/2012 at 6:31 am #

    I am looking for a well recognised and respected on line Interior Design course as I live and work overseas. Could you recommend the best around at the moment.
    Many thanks.

    • Anne
      Anne 27/10/2012 at 6:08 pm #

      I attach more details about our distance learning course here: An Introduction to Interior Design – Online.

      It is the perfect time to contact us as we are enrolling now!

      In this separate attached document – ‘About the Course’ , you will see that you can start the course now and finish by June 2013.

      On successful completion of the course, you will gain a City & Guilds Level One Award in interior design.
      City & Guilds is an internationally renowned awarding body and I would recommend that you choose a distance learning course with a professional accreditation.

      An Introduction to Interior Design – Online is also a great course to do if you are living overseas, as you can work on the course anywhere and any time.

      As you can see from the information about uploading your work – you just need a camera to take photos of your work to put onto the course website for your tutor to see. That means you can do it in your own space and time and you do not have the worry – or the expense – of having to post things to us – especially valuable scheme boards that you have taken a long time to produce!

      Absolute Academy, School of Interior one of the leading providers of interior design courses in the UK and we have been featured in Homes & Gardens, The Independent, The English Home, Period Living and many more publications!

      I do hope you decide to join us on the course Mrs Patrick and if you would like to enrol, simply print off the attached Enrolment Form (telling us a bit about yourself on this Terms and Conditions page) and send in the post to me (the only posting you will have to do)!

      If you have any more questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to ask.

      Kind regards

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    Patsy Slew 02/06/2013 at 10:05 pm #


    I’d like to do a MA in interior design but am only able to do an online course. I found one at the NDA and it looks reputable but I don’t want to chose the wrong course. Is this something you could help to advice me with?


    • Anne
      Anne 03/06/2013 at 11:12 am #

      Hi Patsy,
      It’s most likely that an MA degree course will be more architectural and commercial based. It’s not possible to advise as the course content will vary per University. It would be a totally personal decision as to whether the course content met your desired areas of further study and development. The soundest piece of advice I can give is that when embarking on any course, it is prudent to determine that the qualification offered is from a respected accredited governing body, which potential employers will recognise as an industry standard of quality. I hope that helps a little bit and the best of luck!

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