Shreya learned interior design online from Nepal

Thank you so much for the amazing journey. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot”, says Shreya, our first ever student from Nepal.

This fascinating country lies in the Himalayas between China and Tibet and has a rich cultural heritage which can be seen in its wonderful temples, costume, food, colours and architecture.

Shreya has a passion for all things interiors and chose to learn online with us, proving that you can study a My Interior Design School Course from anywhere in the world!

As part of her course, Shreya learned how to put colours together and what impact they would make in a room. In one of her colour mood boards (pictured here) she shows her confidence in choosing bold colours for a study.

In contrast, when creating a complementary colour scheme for a south-facing living room, Shreya chose soft pinks and blues.

Shreya learned interior design online from Nepal

On completing her course and creating her final scheme board, Shreya used muted, neutral tones, for a relaxed bedroom scheme, adding accessories and metallics to add warmth and interest to the overall look.

Course Director, Anne Wall says “We were delighted when Shreya chose to learn interior design with us from her base in Kathmandu. With her design skills and colour confidence, she now has a fabulous opportunity to work in the world of interior design. We wish her well”.

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