Bathroom Design for a Unique Look

The majority of new houses have a similar bathroom design with bright classy marble and gleaming white square tiles. However, there are so many ways, large and small in which you can transform the generic to the individual.

Read the list in this article for some suggestions on how to provide your bathroom with a unique look.


Proper lighting is absolutely essential for bathroom design, however it can additionally be an ornamental focal point which will provide your bathroom a unique look. Change your lighting with recessed cups and possibly a chandelier. Seek advice from local building requirements concerning the range required between a permanent lighting fixture and a water supply – not all codes enable a chandelier above the bathtub.


Paint bathroom walls a colour far from for beige to have a custom look. Because most of the bathrooms are covered in tiles, mirrors, and piping fixtures, there are hardly any spots where you can colour, therefore consider utilising a bold colour to balance out all the white. Make use of an eggshell, silk, or semi gloss colour in your bathroom design. In the case where your vanity cabinet is a simple white, consider applying a rich colour, for example chocolate brown.

Improve the floorings in your bathroom to look unique. Natural stone, top quality ceramic tiles, and things that are not very slippery or plagued by water are excellent options. Wood laminate isn’t recommended for bathroom floorings since they can twist and buckle.


You can improve your sink, bathtub, and taps for a customised bathroom design. Vessel basins are very trendy. Consider finding a jetted or a claw foot bathtub.


Get new custom counters for your bathroom which are any colour other than white. You can choose fascinating granite, an attractive marble, a modern glass, or virtually any exterior that is not troubled by water.

Knobs and Switches:
Add knobs and switches to present your bathroom cupboards with a bespoke look. Switches and knobs protect your cupboards and can be jewellery for your space. Get switches and knobs to synchronise with the other material in your bathroom.

Shower Curtains:
If you don’t have a standalone shower, consider incorporating a valance over your shower curtains closer to the roof to have a custom drapery appearance. If you’ve another shower booth, change your framed glass bath encompass with a frameless glass bath surround.

Try out some of these techniques to find your very own bathroom design.

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