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One of the most enjoyable ways of looking for interior design inspiration is to look through interior design magazines. If you are studying one of our interior design courses or you just want to stay abreast of current trends, then magazines are a great place to start. Curling up on a sofa with a steaming cup of coffee with a pile of interiors magazines is an enjoyable way to pass a few hours and keep a notebook handy for any ideas you want to use for a project. It is a good idea to cut out any photographs and colours and add them to your file of ideas or project folder.

The UK alone has many interior design magazines and there are some iconic worldwide publications, which are definitely worthwhile reading. Here we take a look at our top picks of interior design publications and the best of the rest.

Architectural Digest

No list of magazines would be complete without including this iconic title. The world’s best interior designers and architects feature in the magazine and the artwork and layout means this magazine is worthy of a coffee table book. Every page is full of stunning interiors and building design. The magazine oozes style, culture, and colour. Architectural Digest is well known for its influential designers publishes an annual round up of the most innovative international designers and architects. The magazine leads where others follow and is forever evolving.

Elle Decor

This title started as a spin off from the women’s Elle magazine from its lifestyle features. Vying with Architectural Digest at the top of popularity chart, Elle Décor represents all that is sophisticated, elegant, and modern. Show casing breathtaking interiors, Elle gives us luxury living, applications and products.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful is one of those magazines that makes you feel good and empowers you to make subtle but meaningful changes to the home. Less avant-garde than other publications it enables homemakers to put together practical yet beautiful looks for everyday living in everyday homes. The magazine offers tips and has features where and instant make over is shown in a room. Functional and modern, House Beautiful is a useful addition to the magazine rack.

Better Homes and Gardens

This publication is the grand old lady of interior design magazines and has been established for decades. It provides useful and practical knowledge on interior design, home décor, and furnishings. Although it is not all about interior design, the title offers terrific ideas for varied interior styles and includes your garden in the package.

Country Living

Country Living is a lifestyle magazine for all those who have their hearts in the country. It is rich with features on home makeovers, home businesses, and all aspects of country life. It offers a wealth of ideas for interiors and is especially strong on country chic accessories and colours. There are total look features that follow seasonal themes so if you want to decorate your home for Christmas or welcome Spring and the Easter Bunny, Country Living will help you create your country home even if you are in the suburbs.

Living etc

Living etc magazine is for modern living with the emphasis on modern design and style. It is full of clever advice, stylish decoration ideas, and plenty of shopping advice to help you find the best deals on the market whether buying a new kitchen or new lampshade. Ideal for first time homeowners and those with contemporary tastes, the magazine also boasts a colourful lively website for readers.


This magazine is in digital format and their mission is to bring you a hand picked selection of international design, interiors, and architecture projects from around the world. Launched in 2006 Dezeen magazine is one of the most influential digital publications in the word of interiors. A combination of cleverly crafted features and chatty snippets make this an entertaining and informative read.

Also Look Out For…

Worth looking out for are Sunday supplements in newspapers that very often have an interior design feature or run a series of home makeover projects. Often the most affordable way to read the magazines of your choice is to buy a subscription, which often comes with a discount and free gift, or to subscribe to read online. The physical magazine makes it available to clip notes and photos from and nothing beats purchasing a glossy magazine and carrying it home in a paper bag anticipating the joy of immersing yourself.

Look in charity shops for piles of donated interior design magazines. Back issues will be inexpensive and just as inspiring if you are looking for traditional or classic looks. Once you have found your favourite, you will find it a fount of knowledge and ideas.

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    Founterior 13/05/2013 at 5:06 am #

    Great article. I think that architectural digest and Dezeen are my favorites. They have a lot of information, classified in an easy to navigate way. I simply like them 🙂 Their teams are spending hours to find the most amazing interior design projects in the world.

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