Picking the Best Wallpaper for Home

Wallpaper is very exciting; there are so many different styles and patterns that will add character to any room. Traditional homes often look better with wallpaper and contrasting mouldings and retro looks may be created by the use of dado rails with wallpaper on one side of the rail. The feature wall using dramatic pattern can completely revive a stale looking room and like the world of paint, wallpaper design and innovative manufacturing techniques can give some impressive effects. Gone are the days of hand-blocked paper, but for purists who want authentic restoration, antique wallpaper stocks are available. Wallpaper for home is one option nobody should overlook.

Ancient History

Decorating walls with paper is nothing new and the first users were the Egyptians who used painted papyrus as decorative wall hangings. Moving swiftly to the court of French king Louis XI in 1481, we find that he commanded an artist to paint angels with a background of blue onto fifty rolls of paper because he moved from castle to castle and wanted the rolls to hang in his apartments wherever he was. Naturally, this became a trend with the wealthy and commissioning of wallpaper began. In the 18th century, wallpaper for home, especially products from London became extremely popular. Costly hand painted wallpapers were in fashion as they imitated architectural features. Although expensive, the wallpaper was still cheaper than authentic artisan mouldings. Common designs were tassels and swags and velvet cut flocked designs.

Wallpaper has fallen in and out of fashion since but remains one of the simplest ways to decorate a home.

Wallpaper Types

Fabrics used for wallpapers vary and include Vinyl Coated, foil, flock, grass cloth, fabric, and embossed as well as printed patterns. A return to bold pattern is currently popular especially for one wall instead of crowding a room with a busy or bold pattern. A feature wall can look spectacular, especially when it blends with other colour ways in the room.

Picking the kind of wallpaper for home depends also on the area of the house where it is to be hung. While choosing the pattern and design is one step, the wallpaper needs to stand up to wear and tear. For instance, it would be foolhardy to hang a delicate bedroom paper in a high traffic area such as a sitting room. Practicalities need to be considered where there are pets and children where an untimely swipe of a wet dog tail can leave dirty marks or teatime jam is smeared on the kitchen wall!

Many people overlook the kitchen as a room for wallpaper. Although many kitchens are tiled or painted, wallpaper can liven up a kitchen and help you to create a theme to complement the type of kitchen you have. If your kitchen is a touch of Provencale then a paper that features lavender, fruits or vegetables would suit as would a toile de Jouy design. Fun kitchens can be composed of animal wallpapers or borders featuring the residents of a farm or perhaps a little bit of retro kitsch would suit your particular room. Wallpapers designed for the kitchen are mostly washable giving you years of durability and the great part is, within a weekend you can rock a whole new look with the sweep of your pasting brush.

Use wallpaper to express your style and personality and always be sure when choosing wallpaper for home that you grab as many samples and pattern books as you can. Often the wallpaper you were crazy about in the shop fades into oblivion when you put it on the wall or the bold pattern you love just looks garish in context of your sitting room. Lots of samples and analysis is the order of the day but it sounds worse than it is because of course you will need many trips to luscious interior design shops or superstores that will involve rest stops as choosing lovely things is so exhausting and coffee and pastries are the only job to restore your energy levels.

Well-decorated walls really add to the splendour of your home and can refresh and liven up a room without commissioning an artist to paint angels on plain paper! Affordable choices are available and can beautify an area the same as more expensive wall coverings. You can even join us on one of our many interior design courses for a day, a weekend or a year and we will help you gain your designer’s eye.

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