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Why You Need an Interior Designer

You need a person to assist you in getting organised with your interiors, someone to emphasise your suggestions, a person to let you know how much it all costs. Perhaps it’s the time to discuss these aspects with an interior designer. 
Goodness! Isn’t it going to be costly? Do not worry. Interior designers are experts. […]

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Bathroom Design for a Unique Look

The majority of new houses have a similar bathroom design with bright classy marble and gleaming white square tiles. However, there are so many ways, large and small in which you can transform the generic to the individual. Read the list in this article for some suggestions on how to provide your bathroom with a […]

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One-Day Colour in the Home Course

Guests enjoyed our one-day Colour in the Home course in September of this year. Here are a few pictures of the one day interior design course run by Absolute Academy School of Interior Design in Cheltenham: Our practical, one-day Colour in the Home interior design course is an introduction in to interior design and ideal […]

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Use of Colours in Interior Designing

Colour, with the possible exemption of climate, has the largest impact on the human mentality. We are flanked by sayings: “white lie”, “black comedy”, “pretty in pink”, “out of the blue”, “green with envy”, “grey area”, “in the red” etc. The mindset of colour and the way colour influences human thinking is now a significant […]

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Absolute Academy QR code

QR code for My Interior Design School

We’ve now got a QR code which we begin to display on promotional material, manuals and the like. This means that people with handheld devices (smartphones, i-pod touches and the like) can simply scan the code from our physical literature and they’ll be taken directly to our My Interior Design School homepage where they can […]

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Finding your interior design style

Unless you have been fortunate enough to construct your home from the ground-up, you will sooner or later be tied to someone else’s interior design style. You may elect to survive with an elegant blue family room and daisy wallpapers in the kitchen area, or you might come to feel an abrupt urgency in the […]

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Understanding Colour Psychology

Colour psychology has long been utilised to create sensations of comfort or spaciousness. Colours often have diverse meanings in several cultures. In Western cultures, the meanings of different colours have changed over time. 
Colour psychology generally studies how colour affects people’s emotions. Colour psychology is extremely important to comprehend when deciding on colours for your […]

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BBC distance learning | Absolute Academy

Distance Learning on You and Yours

There was a very interesting piece on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme on Monday on the rapid rise of distance learning. They stated that there has been a marked rise in students aged 25 and under now studying online with 17% of the Open University student made up by online learners. One of […]

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