Teresa’s Chic Parisian Apartment

My Interior Design School attracts students from all over the world.

We are delighted to have students from Hong Kong, Nepal, Ecuador, The Bahamas and Spain studying interior design with us.

Teresa is a student who has travelled and lived in many countries and she chose to share her latest design project with us.

Having been brought up in Spain, marrying a Frenchman and living in Canada and the USA, Teresa has renovated her family apartment with inspiration and items from her travels around the world.

Her 100 year old apartment is on the outskirts of Paris, France and is built in the typical ‘Haussmann’ style.

Teresa enrolled on an online course with My Interior Design School to help her with her renovation. With a passion for interiors and the confidence she gained from doing her course, she decided to ‘go it alone’ without an architect and make all the design decisions herself.

Teresa was able to draw scaled floorplans and elevations for her Contractor to follow, to create bespoke kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fitted wardrobes.

“My course really helped with my planning and styling” says Teresa “and gave me the confidence to make all the right design decisions”.

As you can see from the photos, Teresa’s apartment is full of character and charm, with accessories and furniture from her travels abroad.

The master bedroom shows a Moroccan wedding blanket, she has two vintage Eames chairs from a Brooklyn flea market, lighting from Granada in Spain and two Chesterfield sofas covered in fabric from Yorkshire!

“I spend a lot of time sourcing items from flea markets and Etsy” explains Teresa. “And my mother is a painter, so I show as much of her artwork too”.

We love the eclectic mix of accessories, soft furnishings and lighting in Teresa’s apartment and her renovation shows you can be passionate about interior design wherever you choose to live in the world.

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