Children’s Bedroom Design

Top Tips For Ensuring A Good Night’s Sleep

As the clocks in the UK spring forward, lots of us are looking forward to an extra hour of daylight in the evenings.

But what if you don’t want more light at night?

In a child’s bedroom for example?

Children’s Bedroom Design

The key to keeping a child’s bedroom dark in the evening, is of course how you choose to dress the windows.

Here are some top tips for choosing the right window treatment for a child’s bedroom.

1. Lining

If you’re buying new curtains or blinds, make sure you have a black-out lining to block out the light.

If you already have curtains and you don’t want to change them, then have them altered to add a black-out lining.  

You could also have a black-out roller blind behind any curtains that can be pulled down during the lighter evenings. Or consider slatted blinds behind curtains, which will reduce the light passing through, but not block out the light completely.

Always have linings in your curtains anyway, which will not only reduce any light passing through the fabric, but will also improve the drape or fold.

Children’s Bedroom Design
Image: The Children’s Curtain Company

2. Curtains or Blinds

If you can’t decide between curtains or blinds, sometimes practical issues will help make the decision for you.

For example, can the window still be opened easily?

Health and safety requirements must be considered too of course. Depending on the age of the child, ensure there are no hazardous blind pulls or curtain cords.  

Children’s Bedroom Design
Image: Rascal and Roses

3. Get Heavy

If you’re not concerned about a total black-out and you just want to reduce the light a little in your child’s bedroom, then choose a heavier fabric. Do make sure of course that the fabric you choose is suitable for using as a curtain, so it folds well.

4. Suspension

If you are using a heavier fabric, your choice of suspension (a pole or track) should support the weight of the fabric. This is particularly important on larger windows.

Make sure too that you have enough wall space either side of your window, for when your curtains are open – or ‘stacked back’.

So before choosing your style of window dressing, it’s important to think how your curtains will look, when they are pulled open.

Lined, interlined and heavier curtains will require additional pole space either side of the window so they can stack-back when drawn open.

Children’s Bedroom Design

Image: House & Garden

There is obviously a lot to consider before you invest in a window treatment for a child’s bedroom. But getting it right and keeping out the light, should ensure a good night’s sleep – for everyone!

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