Choosing Paint Colours

One of the simplest ways to give a room a makeover especially if you are on a budget is to paint a room. This one action will freshen up a space and give it a different dimension depending on the colours you choose. Repainting walls is one of the easiest and most popular interior improvement projects among homeowners. A new splash of colour can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a room.

Choosing Colours

There are millions of colours to choose from in different tones, shades, and finishes. Choosing the right shade can be daunting so spend some time assessing the room you are painting and decide if you are trying to make the room look smaller and cosier or more airy and spacious. Colour tricks can give the illusion of more or less space. If you have a good-sized room with sufficient light, then you are able to choose any colour. Often just one tiny accessory already in the room whether it is a shade from a curtain or other fabric or a shade from an ornament, you can build on your colour scheme from there. If you really are unsure, try using some of the paint manufacturer’s tester pots to see which colour you prefer.

Light and Shade

When making your colour decisions, consider the amount of light available in the room. Darker colours will absorb light which will make spaces look smaller and will look darker still in rooms with a northern aspect as they do not receive so much light. That rich purple you have chosen could end up looking black in a room of this type.

For south facing windows, the sun will stream into the room for much of the day, which will make light colours look lighter still, and you may have to use a shade or two darker in your chosen colour to get the true shade you require. Of course, dark colours will look great with so much light.

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the actual colours especially if you are going to be using more than one colour. Colours that are opposite on the colour wheel go well together and colours a few shades removed from each other on the colour wheel go well together. Drawing stripes of colour on paper with a set of coloured pencils is a relaxing way to experiment with different colour schemes

Whether you are planning to make a bold statement when repainting your walls or going for a delicate or neutral look, knowing the right way to choose colours and paint is helpful. We often have short courses where you can learn all about colour use and what different paint textures there are to give different effects. Blending in your furniture and accessories after repainting is also a challenge and we can teach you how to bring a total look together.

Always plan carefully, try out paint samples, and test out your colour contrasts before you paint the whole room to avoid an expensive repaint. A piece of board is a good way to try your scheme using the paint colours you have chosen. You can also test out fabrics and accessories against it.


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