Coffee and a chat with …

Coffee and a chat with Lucy Gleeson
Lucy from Lucy Gleeson Interiors

I did some training with you at My Interior Design School and it was invaluable. It gave me the confidence to start out professionally.”

In our new series, ‘Coffee and a chat with …’ we catch up with Lucy from Lucy Gleeson Interiors. Here she shares her story of becoming an interior designer, reveals where she gets her design inspiration from and why she thinks she may be David Bowie’s love child!

Coffee and a chat with Lucy Gleeson

Tell us a bit about how you got to where you are today….

I started my career as an actress and then moved into television and became a floor manager. I was really drawn to set design and the costume departments, so learned to sew and did a fashion design course at The London College of Fashion. But I soon realised I preferred making things for the home. Throughout all of this I was fascinated with colour. I started my blog and very soon started working with interior brands and worked on my photography.

I did some training with you at My Interior Design School and it was invaluable. It gave me the confidence to start out professionally.

Coffee and a chat with Lucy Gleeson

What you do today, on a daily basis …..

I work on interior design projects for clients and curate interior blog posts for my website.

What has been your career highlight, so far ….

Winning a prestigious Interior Design Blog Award. I worked really hard to get it.

Where you get your design inspiration from ….

All over the place. Magazines, Pinterest, out walking the dog, random ideas in my head! It never ends.

Whose house would you love to take a peek inside ….

Grayson Perry’s.

Coffee and a chat with Lucy Gleeson

What’s your top tip for a quick restyle of a room?

Change the wall colour and buy some new cushions!

Where and when do you feel most relaxed ….

At home or on a day out with my family.

In interiors, what do you love ….

Colour and velvets.

And dislike ….


Your perfect weekend would be ….

In New York City with my family taking photos and visiting some cool homes. Not asking for much am I?

It’s true! Something we didn’t know about you …. 

I have one pupil a bit bigger than the other. Maybe I am David Bowie’s love child? Oh, and George Harrison once asked me out for dinner – I didn’t go. My husband still thinks I should have gone!

Coffee and a chat with Lucy Gleeson

You can learn more about Lucy’s life as an interior designer by visiting her website at . See her love for colour in her beautiful Instagram posts @lucygleesoninteriors.

If you’ve been inspired by Lucy’s story and would like to learn the skills and techniques to work in interior design, check out My Professional Interior Design Course – our bestselling online course!

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  1. Avatar
    Sandy Barton 11/11/2019 at 5:08 pm #

    You are such a natural Lucy. You really are like your mom in loving colour. I think we are inherently born having these desires and abilities and you exhibit that so easily. I agree with your dislike, it’s only a colour when it’s highlighted by a bright or black! Keep up the great work you are doing and your blogging. It’s really wonderful! Wish you lived closer because I’d have you over for tea everyday!!!!

    • Anne Wall
      Anne Wall 12/11/2019 at 8:38 am #

      I am so glad you liked our post Sandy. We were delighted when Lucy did a course with My Interior Design School. It’s great to see her obvious love of colour and all things interiors inspiring her and helping making her business such a success. Anne, Course Director.

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