Colour and Bedrooms

Penthouse bedroom colours

‘Azure GCT curated Penthouse bedroom’ by Carl Mattone, licensed under CC BY 2.0

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the entire house and should be a sanctuary where you can curl up and relax after a long and tiring day at work or to spend some “me” time. Choosing the right colour scheme and design for your bedroom will create a comforting and soothing environment for you and will reflect your character also. Consider some of the following options for choosing themes, colours, and effects.

If you have recently been on holiday, think about some of the colours you saw for inspiration. The Greek Islands conjure up visions of azure seas, white buildings and faded twisted olive wood, Spain is a riot of terracotta and bold reds and ranges, while a trip to the Caribbean may have left you with memories of flamboyant, limes, citrus yellows bright orange and vibrant greens. Perhaps you want to have the essence of a dreamy simple Mediterranean room where white dominates with dark wood furnishings and some vibrant splashes of colour. To make your bedroom airy and open feeling, use pastel and neutral colours. Summery, buttery yellows are also a warm choice for a feeling of spring freshness and spaciousness.

You may want to recreate a luxurious boudoir with rich jewel like colours of purple and red with gold. There really are no limits as far as your personal space is concerned; it is the one room in the home where you can express your personality. If the prospect of purple or red walls is too much, you can create a luxury feel with bed linen and soft furnishings in opulent fabrics such as satin, silk and velvet. A good quality fur throw on a bed is decadence itself.

Maybe you have the countryside in your soul and even if you are in an urban space, you can create the outdoors with colour. The English countryside can be demonstrated with discreet pinks, greens and yellows, while if you fancy the south of France, blend lavender with sunshine yellow. Floral wallpaper can give a quintessentially English look to a bedroom. Peaches, apricots, and greens are an unusual but effective colour scheme and restful for a bedroom

Furnishings should complement the décor of the room so do bear in mind the existing furniture when you are choosing colours. If you have a bed with no headboard, anything goes but often furniture that has a lot of character does not sit well with bold colour statements. Lots of dark wood looks better with lighter colours while light furniture can take some extra depth of colour. You can always paint furniture to suit your colour choices. You may even have an existing item in the room for inspiration.

People have decorated an entire room around a lampshade colour. Look around before you begin at what will be kept and what can be discarded and blend furnishings and accessories in with the colours.

A relaxing armchair or chaise longue, somewhere to sit and contemplate is always welcome in a bedroom, allowing you to keep the bed for sleeping. The colours of your room can affect mood, which is why a restful palette is best for a bedroom. Always aim for an ambience that makes you feel relaxed whenever you enter the room.

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