Happy Interiors – How To Create An Interior Space Which Brings You Joy

Course for interior designing:: In these challenging times it is more important than ever to find your ‘happy place’ at home.

To create an interior space which brings you joy.

So where do you start?

Colour In The Home

Colours are so emotive.

The colours you choose for your home will probably make the biggest impact on how you feel.

In our online interior design courses, we teach colour theory. The ‘rules’ on how to combine colours together to get the mood you want in a room.

But every successful design scheme needs a starting point. So what could yours be?

Happy Memories

Colours from happy memories can be a fantastic place to start planning a room scheme.

Think back to a favourite holiday, bright blue skies, sunny days and fabulous views and how those colours made you feel.


The colours in a charming street scene could be your inspiration, like these bold, vibrant pops of colour against a white backdrop.

By simply adding flowers and a pop of colour with your accessories at home, it could remind you of a happy place and time.


Online interior design courses: Design your own home with your happy colours in mind and you’ll create a personal space that brings you joy.

Be Bold

Feeling colour confident?

Then be brave and use strong, vibrant colours together, with pattern and texture and enjoy a bright and cheerful design scheme.

Your Favourite Colour

Or pick out one favourite colour and let that be your inspiration.

Happy Interiors - How To Create An Interior Space Which Brings You Joy

Do you love the simplicity of this blue and white scene, the geometric shapes and tiles?

Then recreate it as a feature wall, with the colours, furniture and shapes as a stylish bedroom scheme.


Course for interior designing: Wherever your inspiration comes from and whatever colours you choose, enjoy designing your happy space!

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