Learn How to Become an Interior Designer

It’s here! A world of interior design inspiration, confidence and control at your fingertips.

Simply choose the course that’s right for you.

Choose your preferred learning style too.

Whether you learn online or in one of our workshops, we’ll show you how to become a professional interior designer, a colour consultant, to restyle properties and share all the essential business advice on running your own interior design consultancy. You choose.

It’s less a question of whether there’s an ideal course for you. More a question of which to go for.

And remember, whatever you select, we’re here at your side every step of the way. Here to help you unlock your creativity. Here to help you discover your inner interior designer. To make your designer dreams come true.

Online Courses:

My Good Homes Interior Design Course

Good Homes Interior Design Course

The Good Homes Interior Design Course is jam-packed with everything you need to build your design skills. Innovative modules, step-by-step guides, and hundreds of stunning, inspiring hand-picked images to help you learn new skills and unleash your inner creativity. Read more…

My Professional Course

My Professional Interior Design Course – (Our most popular!)

The My Professional Interior Design Course gives you everything you need to turn your calling into a career. Hand-in-hand with a dedicated tutor, we’ll give you all the skills you need to bring your interior design passion and your interior design visions to life. Read more…

My Colour Consultancy Course

My Colour Consultancy Course

Become a Certified In-Home Colour Consultant! Do you have an intuitive ‘eye’ for colour? Does colour ‘move’ you? Want to take your love for colour to the next level? Learn the art and the science of picking perfect colours for perfect settings. Everything you need to confidently stand up and say “I am a colour expert!” Read more…

My Restyle My Home Course

Restyle My Home

Restyle My Home is split into ten easy-to-follow chapters that you can work through at your own pace. Room by room, we’ll explore your creative choices, how your ideas for flooring, wall coverings and window styles will all work together to create an amazing space. Read more…

Face-to-Face Workshops:

My Colour School Workshop

Colour School™

Colour lights up our lives. This one-day workshop gives you all the skills, all the confidence, and all the colour and colour combination understanding you need to transform any room you want. Read more…

My Business School Workshop

Business School

This one-day workshop gives you everything you need to run your own successful interior design consultancy. From guidance on establishing your business to learning all the essential business tips and tricks you need to be a professional (and successful!) interior designer. Read more…

My Design Week Workshop

Design Week

You’ve always been creative. You’ve always had an eye for design, a knack for styling, and a flair for decoration. You’ve been told you’d make a great interior designer. It’s time to prove them right… we’ll give you five days to do it! Read more…

We’ve helped hundreds of others unlock their creativity and discover their inner interior designer – we will help you too.