My Colour Consultancy Course

Become a Certified In-Home Colour Consultant

My Colour Consultancy CourseWe all understand the power of colour. That different colours hold different powers, different meanings. That different combinations of colours can transform both the way a room looks and the way we feel. But we don’t always know why. And that’s where the My Colour Consultancy Course comes in.

With each module, you’ll learn more about the how and the why of something you instinctively know – that the right colour palette is the real secret to successful interior design.

A Journey Through Colour and Design

Take a journey through colour and design – from the history of how we use colour to set a mood, right up to the colour psychology behind rooms right for relaxation and lounging, or rooms for laugher, for entertaining.

From the principles of colour – understanding how to create a colour wheel and then bring those colours into the home – to the best paint for your projects, we’ll give you everything you need to confidently stand up and say “I am a colour expert!”

As you learn, you’ll perfect a whole range of techniques with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides and hands-on assignments. You’ll be inspired by the beauty of colour in a range of inspirational photographs, and be given the advice and support you need from your dedicated tutor.

Colour Consultant Certification

Colour ConsultancyAfter you graduate you can share your success and your new accreditation with a My Interior Design School Colour Consultant Certificate. What a great way to stand out from the crowd.

We’ll even show you how to put your new skills to work for paying customers with advice on everything from that all-important first meeting to how to set your prices.

The very next time you walk into a room and instantly feel brighter, you’ll know exactly why, how colours work and how to use them to bring your next project to life.

Module 1

Understanding Colour

M1 - Understand Colour

  • Take an in-depth look at colour to understand its significance in interiors.
  • Learn about colour in its most basic form by mixing paint colours.
  • Make your own colour wheel.
  • Understand primary, secondary, tertiary colours, tints, tones and shades.
  • Make a grey scale.
  • Make a colour scale.
  • Create a Colour Mixing Mood Board.

Module 2

Historical Colour

M2 - History

  • Look at the influence of history on interior décor and how it impacts on colour schemes today.
  • Start your own Historical Research Record.
  • Create your own Historical Colour Mood Board.

Module 3

Colour Trends

M3 - Trends

  • Learn how current trends impact on colour choices.
  • Undertake your own research into colour trends.
  • Create a Colour Trend Collage.

Module 4

Colour Theory

M4 - Theory

  • Learn about the Colour Wheel and colour theory.
  • Understand triadic, complementary, split-complementary, harmonious and monochromatic schemes.
  • Learn the secrets to putting together a successful colour palette.
  • See how a combination of colours can give a room a different ambience.
  • Create your own Colour Combination Mood Board.

Module 5

Colour and Aspect

M5 - Apect

  • Learn how to specify a colour scheme with aspect in mind.
  • Understand which colours work best in different rooms.
  • Working to a Colour Brief, create a Colour Mood Board.

Module 6

Illusions and Colour

M6 - Illusions

  • Learn how to change the look and perception of a size of room, simply by using colour.
  • Create 8 Room Illusions.

Module 7

The Psychology of Colour

M7 - Pyschology

  • Learn how different colours can have an emotional response in interiors.
  • Understand which colours to use in different rooms.
  • Discover which colours not to use in certain rooms and why.
  • Working to a Brief, create a Colour Psychology Mood Board.

Module 8

Your Colour Consultancy Business

M8 - Business

  • Paint – understand paint types and their application.
  • Learn how to work with clients and run a profitable business.
  • Plan Your Client Consultancy – the stages.
  • Your consultancy fee.
  • Top tips for home visits.
  • Client Questionnaire.
  • How to choose a colour palette with your client.
  • Writing the colour specification.
  • Contracts, Terms and Conditions and Invoices.
  • Your Portfolio.
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The My Colour Consultancy Course includes:

  • Up to 6 months online course where you set the schedule
  • Practical, hands-on tasks to teach you new skills and techniques
  • Inspiring photos and illustrations of colour in the home
  • Tutor support and feedback every step of the way
  • An industry-recognised certification
  • A “Certified Colour Consultant” logo for your website and marketing material

Do you have an intuitive ‘eye’ for colour?

Does colour ‘move’ you?

Want to take your love for colour to the next level?

Learn the art and the science of picking perfect colours for perfect settings.

Student Testimonials:

Jane, My Home of Colour Blogger

“I absolutely loved the course! Colour has always been my favourite part of interior design so when I saw you offered a course dedicated to colour I couldn’t wait to get started and learn about colour in more depth”.