My Colour School™ Workshop

Unlock the power and the potential of colour

My Colour School™ WorkshopColour lights up our lives. It makes us think certain things and feel certain emotions. It can inspire and delight.

If you have an eye for colour and a keen sense of style, then you have the ability to create incredible spaces. The fascinating world of colour is at your fingertips; you have the power to use colour and creativity to make massive differences.

You just need to learn how to refine your skills and have the confidence to use them. We show you how to do both.


You have just 1-day with us on this exciting face-to-face interior design workshop, so we get stuck in straight away. We waste no time in helping you understand the true impact that colour has in the home.

We start by showing you exactly where to begin when working with colour. The theory. This is where you discover exactly why some colours work beautifully side by side, and why some can be more challenging than others. Perfect harmony.

You’ll create your own colour mood board to transform your own home or to show off your skills to clients.

Understanding the psychology of colour

Colour SchoolOur reaction to colour is incredible. Understanding why we draw those specific associations is a key part of the interior design process. So we’ll help you explore the psychology and the motivations behind certain colour choices.

Learn the secrets of colours not to use in certain rooms. Discover the must haves. We find out together.

You even have time to learn how colour can change the perception of space, creating the illusion of size, grandeur, or intimacy to make a room feel cozier.

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Monday 11th May 2020
Monday 21st September 2020

The Colour School 1-Day Workshop includes:

  • Inspiration and guidance on where to start with colour schemes
  • A solid understanding of the theory and psychology behind colour
  • How to make illusions of space with colour
  • How to get the ‘designer look’ at home
  • Your own colour mood board to take home
  • Comprehensive course materials
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • A small class with personal tutor guidance
  • 1 day of study at the stunning Hotel du Vin in the gorgeous spa town of Cheltenham

By the end of the day, you’ll be completely colour confident. An interior designer with a deep understanding of the power of colour.

You’ll have all the skills, all the confidence, and all the colour and colour combination understanding you need to transform any room you want.

Do you have an intuitive ‘eye’ for colour?

Is colour important to you? Does it ‘move’ you?

Want to take your love for colour to the next level?

Learn the art and the science of picking perfect colours for perfect settings.

Student Testimonials:

Fiona Fullerton, former actress, property investor and writer

“Thank you for a really inspirational day. I’ve learned so much and am impatient to learn more.”

Louise, Gloucestershire

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s course. I so enjoyed it and can now understand why and how colours work in certain ways. Can you tell I’m buzzing?! Thank you for such an inspirational day”.

Lynn, Hamptons International

“Thank you for a really informative course. I really feel inspired.”

Katherine, Gloucestershire

“Exceptional – full of ideas and inspiration. I want to go home and decorate!”

Kath, Berkshire

“Thank you both for an absolutely great day – very inspiring – lovely venue and lunch too”.

Hannah, Jo Malone Limited, London

“Thank you, thank you! It was an amazing course – planned to perfection”

Debbie, Owner, Vinegar Hill Limited

“A fabulous course. A big ‘thank you’”.

Lucy, Bath

“The wealth of learning is in a different league. It was better than my University course.”