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Make Your Home Perfect

My Restyle My Home CourseYou’ve dreamt of that moment. Flinging open the front door to see…


And who knows perfection better than you? Restyle My Home is designed to help you channel your inner creativity so you can create the home of your dreams.

No need to rely on someone else’s vision. With our simple online guide, you’ll learn how to create the room of your dreams, and then bring that dream to life with easy-to-follow steps and expert advice.

Creative You!

Restyle My Home is split into ten easy-to-follow chapters that you can work through at your own pace. Room by room, we’ll explore your creative choices, how your ideas for flooring, wall coverings and window styles will all work together to create an amazing space.

At the end of each chapter, there aren’t any exams or tests. Instead, you’ll have the option to take on a fun, enjoyable creative challenge to showcase your new design skills.

Friendly, Professional Feedback

Restyle My HomeWhile your creativity is already within you, waiting to be unlocked, we know that many first-time designers need help with the more practical parts of restyling their homes. When you reach the chapter on creating a scheme board for each room, you’ll be able to show it off to expert tutors who can give you the confidence and reassurance to put your ideas into action.

And believe us – there’s no better feeling than realising that your first-time efforts have impressed professional designers with decades of experience!

Whether you’re adding a new lease of life to your existing home, or planning to give your new property a nudge towards perfection, you’ll find all the skills and advice you need right here.

Just add inspiration!

Chapter One

Room by Room

How to Style Rooms in Your Home

Creative Challenge
Choose a Room

Chapter Two

Inspirational Styles

How to Choose a Style

Creative Challenge
Create a Style Mood Board

Chapter Three

Confidence with Colour

How to Choose Colours for Your Home

Creative Challenge
Choose One Colour

Chapter Four

Lighting your Home

How to Use Lighting to Enhance Your Home

Creative Challenge
A Lighting Collage

Chapter Five

Fabulous Flooring

How to Choose Flooring for Your Home

Creative Challenge
Flooring Image or Sourced Sample

Chapter Six

Wonderful Walls

How to Choose Wall Coverings for Your Home

Creative Challenge
Illusion of Space

Chapter Seven

Window Styling

How to Choose Window Dressings for Your Home

Creative Challenge
Choosing a Window Treatment and Fabric Sample

Chapter Eight

Adding Accessories

How to Use Accessories to Style Your Home

Creative Challenge
An Accessory to Inspire a Scheme

Chapter Nine

Your Own Project

How to Plan Your own Home Styling Project

Chapter Ten

Your Scheme Board

How to Create Your Scheme Board

Chapter Eleven

Tutor Feedback

How to Receive Expert Feedback on Your Scheme Board Design

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Learn how to restyle your home with:

  • Fast track 2-3 month certification
  • Expert styling advice from design experts
  • Optional creative challenges to teach you new skills and techniques
  • Inspiring photos of amazing home designs

Take inspiration. Take confidence. Take control.

Student Testimonials:

Olivia, Sussex

“This has really got me into interiors and I want to keep on learning. I’d love to do another course now!”