Downton Abbey Inspired Interior Design

Downton Abbey inspired interior designInspiration for interior design can come from all sorts of places and the team at My Interior Design School have used a favourite TV programme as their starting point.

Using the ever-popular Downton Abbey for their initial ideas, the tutors put together two design schemes based on ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’.

As Design Director, Rachael Kilby-Tyre explains: “We wanted to show where inspiration for a scheme can come from. You might be motivated by a wonderful view, colours on a vase, a much-loved dress or even a TV show. We used Downton Abbey to put together two very different interior design schemes; which can be used in homes today.”

The earthy tones reminiscent of Mrs Patmore’s kitchen could work well even in a contemporary setting today:

Downton Abbey inspired interiors: 'downstairs'

“Texture and tone are key to getting this look right”, Rachael Kilby-Tyre continues. “Use a variety of fabrics with contrasting texture to make sure the look does not seem too bland – and you might want to include some trim on a blind or cushions, to give the scheme added interest”.

In contrast, the opulence of ‘upstairs’ and Mary’s sumptuous dresses have inspired a scheme based on rich reds and oranges:

Downton Abbey inspired interiors: 'upstairs'

Here, the team at My Interior Design School have put together a warm, luxurious look which could be used in homes today.

“Don’t be scared of mixing patterns” advises Rachael. “Here we have used a traditional-looking plaid alongside a more contemporary patterned fabric, combined with a textured wallpaper. The whole look is warm, rich and comfortable – and can be easily re-created”.

My Interior Design School are one of the leading providers of interior design courses in the UK today.

They offer both City & Guilds’ accredited and recreational courses from the beautiful Regency spa town of Cheltenham and online, distance learning courses.

Their new online course – ‘How to Style Your Own Beautiful Home’ is launching now.

For more details of their courses, please contact:
Anne Wall, Course Director (01242) 252 477 / Email

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