Eco-Friendly Interior Design

How To Style Your Home With Sustainable Interior Design

As we become more aware of the effect our daily lives have on the environment, it is important to style our homes with sustainability in mind.

Here we have put together some design techniques for you to use when styling your home or taking on design projects for clients.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Act Natural

Keeping the original properties and natural-aged finish of existing walls can act as a brilliant feature and stylish design statement.

Choose this technique, rather than covering a wall with new plaster or tiles, will reduce the impact on the environment.

Recycle, Upcycle and Source Eco-Friendly Furniture

Recycling or upcycling a much-loved item is a great starting point for an eco-friendly interior design scheme.

Use a piece of furniture again, give it a new lease of life with a lick of (eco-friendly paint) and you’ll have created a very personal scheme with a vintage feel.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Choose Your Materials With Care

We know that 15% of you want to renovate your homes specifically with green or eco-friendly materials.

By using items made from local materials and crafted by local artisans, you’ll be designing a sustainable space with personality, quality and individuality.  

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Choose everyday items and accessories which are ‘green’ at their heart.

Enjoy an interior space surrounded by things of beauty, which are both eco-friendly and stylish.

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