Environmentally Aware Decorating

Being environmentally aware or going green has become a huge trend for all the right reasons and has even hit the world of interior design.

There are ways to decorate your home that are kind to the environment, yet stylish and beautiful. Perhaps with Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, you may want to design a decorating scheme to celebrate the planet we live on using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.


One of the most fascinating and absorbing ways of bringing environmentally friendly décor into your home is to develop an interest in antiques and pre-loved furnishings. Buying and reusing older furniture and period pieces you are not adding to the mass consumption of energy used in sometimes dubious manufacturing processes and this will in turn save natural resources. By having old or antique furniture there is a wonderful sense that you are the custodian of the objects you possess for your lifetime. Consider refurbishing or revamping, flea market and second hand pieces to suit your look (assuming of course it is not a rare antique piece!) If you want to purchase new furniture, look for products that use organic fabrics, nontoxic materials, latex foam, wool, and wood from renewable sources.


If you have an existing wooden floor, try to save it by refurbishing and restoring rather than applying synthetic floor coverings to it. If you are using rugs, look for sustainable fibre rugs and all-natural materials. If you want to lay a new wooden floor, look at bamboo. There have been problems with some bamboo flooring, but using the right supplier who guarantees the use of mature bamboo, there should be no issues. There is also a large choice of recycled metal, glass, cork, linolineum, wood and stone floor tiles.

Stains and Paint

Many paints and stains contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs are emitted as gas and contain hazardous chemicals that may cause short and long-term health problems. By choosing products that are low in VOC or have no VOC, you will be protecting your family’s health.


Eco chic wallpaper is available with the end product being made from sustainable forests by manufacturers that use environmentally friendly processes even down to vegetable oil in the tractors that haul the trees from the forest floor.


There are many green fabrics to choose from such as hessian, linen, silk, and wool. These can be obtained in vegetable dyed colours. Hessian is available in many different weaves from fine to coarse and looks wonderful when incorporated into a scheme. Woven wooden blinds and shades complement for window dressings.

Spending the extra time sourcing your materials will add fun and a real sense of satisfaction to your project and at Absolute Academy School of Interior Design we are more than willing to help you make those environmentally friendly choices so do get in touch with us.

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