Flea Markets and Charity Shop Decor

Interior design does not have to be wildly expensive. Knowing design concepts and colours will enable you to utilise some inexpensive sources to acquire accessories, fabrics, and décor items. Moreover, with shopping being a fairly high priority as a past time, there is fun to be had as well as bargains. Flea markets, car boot sales, vintage, and charity shops are the perfect outlets to turn up something interesting for your interior design project.

Like all shopping trips, a list is a great idea and if you are looking for fabrics or rugs – anything in fact that needs to fit in a particular space. Carrying a list of measurements with you and a tape measure means you can be certain that interesting whatnot will fit into the allocated space in the living area. Vendors at car boot sales and flea markets will have a range of items for sale such as vintage one of a kind pieces, furniture, house ware, artwork, mirrors, rugs, and miscellaneous bric a brac. Often the odd antique treasure can be unearthed, which adds excitement to the shopping trip.

Top Picks for Decorators at Flea Markets, Charity Shops and Car Boot Sales

Fabric: Fabrics whether vintage or contemporary can either be found as a bolt of fabric or in the form of curtains, cushion covers and other kinds of drapery. Fabrics of this type can be rejuvenated and made over into new curtains and soft furnishings for a tiny amount of money f you are a handy sewer. You will find patterns from various eras to suit your theme and may even be able to find enough of one pattern to make co-ordinating chair pads or throws. Always check for staining, wear, and ensure you can either dry clean or wash the fabric.

Art: Art is always easy to find although the definition can be a little bit loose! You may find anything form a collection of old botanical prints to kitsch paintings from the sixties. Art is subjective so choose what suits you irrespective of style. There will be a lot of humdrum mass produced prints, but sift through and you will be surprised how good a piece will look in isolation. Do not forget that buying pictures just for the frame is a great idea as some wonderful frames can hold hideous prints or canvases. These frames re-vamped, painted with a new picture can add impact to your design.

Hardware: Keep eyes open for interesting door handles, doorknobs, and cabinet handles that can be used to smarten up some furniture or inbuilt cupboards. Unmatched pieces can look exceptional and you are likely to find these random bits and pieces very cheaply.

Vintage Suitcases: Vintage suitcases have become very popular as ottomans, coffee tables or just stacked up as storage containers. Some have stickers and labels from long ago voyages adding a slightly colonial, nostalgic aspect to the piece. Make sure any suitcase you are buying is durable without rips or tears and if leather, make sure the leather is not too dried out and cracked although well worn is a characteristic that adds to the appeal. Plenty of restoration can be done with plain saddle soap.

Flea markets, car boot sales, vintage and charity shops are the perfect outlets to turn up, have some fun and find inexpensive and interesting items for your interior design project.

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