Furnishing Small Spaces

When decorating a small area, choice of furnishings is crucial. Furniture that is too large for a small room or does not maximise the limitations of the area are common mistakes. To avoid ending up with a room that is awkward, make use of a few key points when choosing bookshelves, coffee tables, DVD cabinets or sofas for small rooms.

Storage is critical to small areas so try to think creatively. For example, a conventional and functional DVD storage option will take up precious space in a small room. Instead consider a feature piece such as a small dresser, armoire or chest of drawers with plenty of nooks and crannies, drawer and cupboard space could end up as a TV stand, DVD storage, bookshelf and store throws, board games, craft and hobby items and look perfect as a piece of décor too.

Sofas for small rooms can provide storage space that will be useful for storing any excess clutter or items not often used like photo albums, extra cushions, old magazines and the usual flotsam and jetsam that every household accumulates!. Sofas of this type have built in storage below the cushions, which is a clever way of avoiding overwhelming a room with unnecessary clutter. As a sofa will have significant impact in a small space, make sure you choose one with the versatility you need. Having a sofa bed is another option in a small home, although this would not be ideal for everyday use, but would be ideal in a small less used room that could be converted into a guest room when needed.

A coffee table is a piece of furniture with great storage potential. It does not necessarily have to be purely for the purpose, many coffee tables are storage ottomans or old trunks that combine storage with a coffee table function, once again maximising the amount of available storage space. If you do opt for a conventional table, attractive baskets, hatboxes, and other containers can be used for storage underneath the table.

Space is at a premium when furnishing small rooms; therefore, try to ensure every piece of furniture is functional but also offers additional storage. Using a little creativity and innovative thinking will ensure your small space is not only functional but works as a design option too.

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, full and part-time, that will teach you how to optimise space and how to use form and symmetry when designing and furnishing a room. Small spaces are challenging but can be spectacular with the right furnishings and colour options. Never be afraid to ask questions from a good interior designer, here at Absolute Academy we welcome queries and can often come up with a solution for you that is affordable and decorative.


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