Home Decor Trends Analysed by BBC and Casual Living Magazine

BBC Two's Dragon, Kelly HoppenThere was a really good discussion on the BBC Radio 4 programme “The Bottom Line” last week. Evan Davies was joined by Kelly Hoppen, Andrew Graham and Lois Jacobs as they discussed interior design and home decor and who controls the flow of trends.

In case you missed it you can listen again by clicking here and playing the Bottom Line episode from 21st November.

BBC Description of the programme:

“In the UK and around the world Decorating your home is big business but who sets the trends? In China and India the home decor market is evolving fast – but will the result be a global homogenous style? Evan Davis and guests discuss the volatile world of design. Guests: Kelly Hoppen, founder Kelly Hoppen Interiors Andrew Graham, CEO Graham and Brown Lois Jacobs, Global CEO Fitch”

Trends for 2014

Meanwhile, Casual Living magazine have recently outlined their forecast for colour trends in 2014. They say the colour schemes will be reflecting an optimistic outlook in response to recent hard times and so we should expect to see bright colour schemes.

They predict a “sense of renewal” in colour palettes influencing home decor and interior design in 2014. In doing so they’ve picked out four palettes in particular as listed below:

The New Neutral

“Subtle touches of colour add a fresh twist to a time-honored look. Soft pink, mauve and silver imbue classic staples such as white, black, taupe and beige with a boost of colour and dimension.”

Exotic Warmth

“Rooted in exotic, global inspirations that invite cultural appreciation and a sense of community. Warm oranges, pinks and yellows enhance a base of natural, dusty earth tones.”

Industrial Evolution

“Encompassing the evolution of technology as new possibilities emerge from innovations of the past. Vibrant shades of blue, purple, orange and citron converge with deeper hues and steel tones for a striking palette that updates industrial influence with rich colour.”

Under The Sea

“A trip beneath the ocean depths follows, creating a palette that evokes the beauty of a tropical escape. Bright, cool blues and greens are inspired by peaceful seas and lush botanicals, while hints of coral, purple and sunshine yellow enhance the island aesthetic.”


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