Get a new look for your house: Home decorating secrets

Home decorating secrets are something many people feel they are not party to, yet there is not anything secret about organising your home decorating like a professional. Wall decoration is one of the fundamentals in a home and it can mean a simple painted wall, a wall covered in fabric or wallpaper, a tiled wall or a wall featuring pictures and artwork. There are many tips to help you make the most of home decorating and here is how you can go about getting a professional look affordably.

Budget and Mood

Budget and Mood are the first things to consider when home decorating. Before you start, a look at cost is essential as costs can quickly escalate so decide how much you have to spend and stick to it within a 10% tolerance which usually works well, avoids you going too far over budget yet allows for that essential accessory at the last minute. There is nothing like a fixed budget to get those creative juices flowing!

Examine what mood you are trying to create and use the mood to reflect colours and accessories. For a relaxing oasis use cool and light colours based around green and blue for example. For theatrical drama you may want a boudoir bedroom with luxurious fabrics and wall decoration in reds, purples and black.


One of the most important aspects of wall decoration is colour. Choosing colour sets the scene for your décor and a wall can become a main feature or neutral backdrop for other kinds of wall coverings and decoration. Try to keep to the same hues or contrasts. Using a colour wheel can be your best friend as it can be seen clearly that colours can blend unusually in a way that is pleasing, even if they do not seem obvious bedfellows. Play with the sample paint colour charts and cards during your design phase and also try out some of the match pots of paint samples which can be very revealing!

Do not be scared of colour. Many people stick to neutrals because they find choosing a colour daunting. If you would like to have a bit more oomph in your wall decoration but are apprehensive, start with one wall in a contrasting shade, something bolder and more vibrant. If the walls are too daunting then accessorise with some bright and vibrant cushions or wall hangings until you get used to colour.

A bold statement can also be made with the use of wallpaper for wall decoration. Bold patterns are very on trend just now and providing the room is not too small, a feature wall using bold patterns and colours can give a dramatic look to a room.


One great way to change the interior of your home is to feature pattern. Some people who are a little colour shy often feel the same way about pattern thinking they are overwhelming or scared they cannot juxtapose different patterns and styles together. Again keeping to colour basics and themes you can easily add stripes, swirls, paisley, floral, tapestry – the combinations of pattern are endless and if you have kept to plain wall decoration then choosing an interesting pattern in a fabric or in furnishings can add a real style statement.

Wall Décor

A collection of picture frames on a wall can be a simple wall decoration idea. Laying out the picture frames on a large piece of paper and marking where the hanging nails or hooks will go gives you a template for fixing them in the right place on the wall and gives you the chance to assess what look you want to achieve on the wall.

Mirrors are a marvellous décor item and using them around the home creates space and a sense of airiness and can make small spaces look larger. They are great objects for creating an illusion of space. A statement mirror over a fireplace never goes out of style. A popular place to hang a mirror is a hallway. Not only will a mirror open a hallway up but also gives the house occupant the opportunity to glance in the mirror before opening the front door.

Kilims and silk Turkish or Persian rugs make fabulous wall hangings, especially if they are antique and have a slightly faded look. They are best displayed against a white or pale backdrop as the patterns are usually colourful and intricate in design.

You can even make your own wall art from fabric you have at home.

As you can see, you can have a professional home decorating look with just a little forethought and planning like the professionals do. Big changes to your home style can be made with some really quite small steps so go down to the showrooms and pick up some paint and fabric samples and get decorating. If you do not feel confident, then do contact us for our prospectus of wonderful courses ranging from one day to one year.

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