Your Home In Their Hands

Your Home In Their HandsWho saw the first episode of ‘Your Home In Their Hands’ on BBC One last week? If you didn’t catch it you can still find it on the BBC iPlayer. Episode 2 is on tonight at 8pm with the third and final episode a week later.

The idea of the show is that home owners hand over their front door keys for an ultimate makeover … but with a catch: The people performing the makeover are not professional interior designers; they’re a selection of people whose only prior experience is decorating their own homes.

Each programme sees four people who feel they have an eye for design, a flair for fabrics and a passion for home decorating compete against one another to win cash.

Multi-millionaire interior designer and businesswoman Celia Sawyer is a judge on the show:

“Anyone who comes on the show and thinks interior design is a walk in the park is going to have a real shock. Interior design isn’t just about painting a wall pretty colours, it’s about listening to your brief and working hard to fulfil it. That’s what I will be looking for.”

Rachael Kilby-Tyre – Design Director at My Interior Design School says:

“We are looking forward to seeing how the amateur designers get on with their makeover challenges. We love to see people who are passionate about interior design unlock their creativity – but would recommend they do an interior design course first to avoid any costly mistakes!”

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