How to Name Your Interior Design Business

Naming your interiors business can be really tricky!

A lot of our students after completing a course with us go on to set up their own design consultancies. They tell us that choosing a company name can be one of the hardest things to do. 

How to Name Your Interior Design Business

Many choose their own name and then add ‘interiors’ or ‘interior design’ which is a good idea to make it obvious what you do. Our student Lindsey set up her consultancy specialising in boutique hotel designs and promotes herself to future clients as ‘Lindsey Higgins Interiors’.

As did Lucy with ‘Lucy Gleeson Interiors’ but is also known in the world of Instagram under her handle ‘Lucy Loves Ya’.

Our Design Week student Pippa makes it very clear the service she is offering by marketing herself under ‘Pippa Orgee Soft Furnishings and Interiors’.

What’s the Key to a Good Business Name?

Make it obvious what you do and try and make the name stand out and be memorable, easy to spell and easy to pronounce!

You could use your initials like our student Sarah Pickard-Rose did when she launched ‘SPR Home Styling’.

One of our students is called Caroline Love. How lucky is she to show her passion for what she does as well as giving her consultancy the fantastic business name of ‘Caroline Love Interiors’!

How to Name Your Interior Design Business

What if you don’t have such a memorable name but you want to include an element of interior design within the title?

Another of our students Caron, chose ‘Maison de Caron’ as her company name, which is a clever way to use rhyming words and add a ‘house’ element in her business name.  

Charlotte, a student who joined us for Design Week promotes her design services on Instagram as ‘At Number 19’ in reference to her own home and her chosen design style.

Jane, another student of My Interior Design School runs ‘Sweet Lime Interior Design’ and uses her favourite colour throughout her branding.

How to Name Your Interior Design Business

Testing, Testing ….

When thinking of your interiors business name, do test your options on friends and family. A student at our Design Week had an idea to call her design practice ‘Foxglove Interiors’ not knowing the plant to be poisonous. This may not bother some people, but it’s still worth bearing in mind anything that may put off the all-important client!

Same Name?

Once you’ve decided on a name, you need to make sure there are no other companies with the same one. It would be a disaster to choose your business name, invest lots of time and money in promoting it, only to see a competitor gain all the rewards!

How to Name Your Interior Design Business

Domain Name

All being well and you’ve chosen a great name, the next step is to see if the domain name is free. There are lots of domain name and web hosting services out there for you to search on. As soon as you have found a good match for your company name, buy the domain as soon as possible before someone else does. It’s a good idea to buy with the and the .com version too, so you are covered.

Do you need our help?

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