How To Style A Navy Bedroom

In The Navy!

If you follow design trends, you will have seen a lot of dark colours in interiors recently.

Particularly black and navy.

This trend looks set to rise this year, helped in part by Pantone’s Colour of the Year, 2020, ‘Classic Blue’.

How to Style A Navy Bedroom

You may have seen these darker hues in living rooms and dining areas.

But what about bedrooms?

What should you consider if designing a navy bedroom?

Top Tips For Designing A Navy Bedroom

Our Design Director, Rachael Kilby-Tyre (BIID) advises “make the walls your statement. Then use neutrals, some lighter tones, pops of a bright accent colour or metallic finishes, so your bedroom doesn’t feel too sombre”.

How to Style A Navy Bedroom

Large or Small?

Navy is a great colour choice for large and small bedrooms.

A larger room, decorated in navy can be made to feel cosier, but will not be ‘overwhelmed’.

And a smaller bedroom will discover a new sense of drama, if painted in a bold blue.

How to Style A Navy Bedroom

If you’d like to learn more about colour in the home, our online interior design courses will give you all the know-how and design skills to become colour confident!

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