Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is often overlooked and considered little more than functional in many homes but even if space is tight, a bathroom should be a private oasis where you can get away from it all and indulge in beauty treatments, a soak in the bath or an invigorating shower. A small bathroom does not have to be dark and dank with uninspiring wall paint, with a little imagination and some hints and tips, a small bathroom can be made into a luxurious cocoon for all the family to enjoy.

If you are one of the many homeowners who are limited with bathroom space, allow yourself to become motivated to find creative ways to make the room look larger, more airy, and spacious. Consider aspects such as colour scheme, lighting, and storage needs.

The design key to a small bathroom is to avoid too many decorative items and use your practical needs such as towels as a decorative feature.

If the walls are not tiled, make the room seem more spacious by judicious use of pale and pastel colours. If you use a hint of colour such as pink, blue or green you can pick up depth of colour with accessories like towels and bath mats. The same shade of paint can be used on the ceilings for a cocoon effect and smooth look. Choose a light wood waterproof wood or laminate floor or light coloured tiles with a discrete pattern. White tiles are effective but on a practical level, they show up every tiny hair, dust, and dirt and are a nuisance to keep clean.

A splash can be made with a vibrant bath mat in the room, which can be picked up by towels as well. Tone on tone works well with your hint of colour walls accented by a different colour tone on accessories.

Mirrors are an old but effective trick to give you a feeling of space. One large mirror or a wall of mirror tiles can really open up the room. If you want to use wallpaper, the same colour rules apply – use light colours and pastels with discrete patterns to maintain a spacious look.
For lighting, single pendant light or recessed spotlights are effective and practical and halogen spots really give a great light in a small space, can have a dramatic effect, and are used over the shower if you have a shower cubicle.

Some small bathrooms cannot accommodate a full sized bathtub so if a bath is important, consider a corner bath. Alternatively, you can really go to town with a superb power shower in a stylish cubicle or if you want to blow the budget, you could make your small bathroom into a wet room with natural stone on the walls and floors and just a wonderful sleek rainfall showerhead in the room with a basin and toilet. Good ventilation is necessary though. If you can do without shower curtains over a bath shower or other type, it saves on a cluttered look.

Small bathrooms require creative solutions. Glass shelves are unobtrusive and with some carefully chosen attractive bath and shower, products or stylish tooth mugs will look super. If you have a window ledge to use as a shelf, use this to put in a central focus like large vase or urn depending on your theme. If you have space for a vanity unit in marble or granite or other material around your basin, then this is heaven sent as cupboards with shelving can be installed underneath. Otherwise, towels stacked in a basket on the floor or hung decoratively and pleated in towel holders look equally attractive.

We always relish a challenge like this so if you want to ask us any questions or join one of our short interior design courses, you will have an enviable bathroom of your dreams.

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