Interior Design for The Festive Season

Interior Decor: A Wreath for The Festive SeasonInterior design is not just about total room makeovers but about creating an atmosphere as well. At this time of year as we approach midwinter, thoughts are turning to Christmas and sprucing up our homes in readiness for the festive season. Interior design for the holidays is about creating a memorable ambience with special smells, visuals, and colours.

When thinking about your Christmas interior design, decide which parts of the house you want to concentrate on and consider your budget. Many wonderful ideas do not have to break the bank and a festive lift can be given to all areas of the home from the front door to the staircases.


The traditional colours of Christmas are forest green, red, white, gold, and silver but there is no need to restrict yourself to these colours and the past few years have seen some colour revolutions in Christmas décor with pink, black, and purple artificial Christmas trees and decorations. This may suit modern minimalist homes but for most of us tradition rules. There are many choices to make when interior designing for Christmas and here we look at some options to transform your home for a Christmas full of comfort and joy.

Welcoming Guests

The first thing to do to welcome guests to your home in the festive season is to make the entrance to your home festive. A shop bought wreath for your front door or better still a home made Christmas wreath, Choose fresh greenery and adorn with pinecones, ribbons, pearls and bells. Tartan ribbons look fabulous for bows on the wreaths. Even if you have a fully central heated home, a small stacked pile of logs on your porch adds a Christmassy feel and evokes the thoughts of a welcoming open fire. If you do have an open fire, then the smell of the smoke from the chimney when pine logs are burning is always a nostalgic and wintery smell.

When the door is opened, your guests should pick up the scents of Christmas in the hallway with fragrance of orange, cinnamon and spice, all the smells we associate with the mid winter. You can use good quality candles or oils for the best results.

Fresh holly and greenery over mirrors and pictures in the hallway give a seasonal look and a long adorned piece of either fresh or artificial greenery and ornaments wrapped around the banisters add to the feeling of celebration.

Finally, the hallway often hosts the family Christmas tree or Christmas crib scene in many homes, which is a wonderful sight.

Flowers at Christmas

Christmas flowers also welcome the festive season of Christmas. Poinsettia, Christmas cactus and Ivy, are colourful and are perfect for Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts. Interior design ideas abound when you are using these special flowers and there are legends and religious history that make them even more interesting. Christmas flowers are stunning, and will be a conversation topic among friends as they admire your displays.

The well-known Christmas rose is associated with the birth of Christ. The legend states that when wise men and priests bearing gifts visited the newborn child, a young maid and shepherd called Madelon had no gift for the child and began to cry. A passing angel swept the snow at her feet away with a wing and revealed a white flower with a pink tip – the Christmas rose for her to give to the child.

Holly is the bearer of luck, while other Christmas flowers are said to ward off evil spirits and witches. Ivy clings and denotes true love for eternity and the mistletoe originated from Pagan legend and is said to have medicinal properties.

Winter flowers are your instant interior design makeover. Even without any other trappings, they will make your home instantly festive. These blooms and
Plants add vibrant colour and complement other decorations.

When Christmas day has passed, you can give one of your Christmas flower displays to guests as a parting gift allowing you to give a beautiful gift and have the benefit of the beauty for decoration.

Look around garden centres and florists and do not be afraid to try some interior design tricks like bringing outdoor items inside. For example, a beautifully decorated wooden bird table with some wooden bird ornaments will make an unusual visual piece and have a practical use after Christmas too. Little wooden wheelbarrows inside the home filled with gifts or baubles make a spectacular decoration.

Throws and Cushions

A great tip from interior designers for dressing a room for a special occasion is to use fabric, throws, and cushions. For the rest of the year your sofa may be spring like in colour and tone but for the festive season, it can be covered in a dramatic burgundy throw with some gold tasselled cushions for an instant makeover for Christmas. Do not be afraid to experiment and you will be amazed how you can draw together a real interior designed Christmas look with a few simple pieces.

These are just a few interior design inspired ideas for Christmas and perhaps this has opened up the desire to learn more. If so, contact us for details of our many interior design courses to suit everyone.

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