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Did you know that interior design is not just something that attracts people to work on their own homes to enhance and beautify them, but now feature as an online leisure activity too! Apart from useful websites that allow you to compare colours and furnishings, there are websites that allow you to play interior design games and it seems this is a growing trend.

For instance if you have always secretly loved Barbie and are not afraid of a lot of pink, you can interior design Barbie’s home to your heart’s content and it is not just for the kids although we were enchanted to see some simple games that allow children to decorate a teddy bear’s house or furnish a doll’s house. Apart from interior designing the usual rooms in a house, these games allow you to really use your creative skills and if you have always fancied a beach house or even a pirate ship, then design away using these user friendly little applications. They are not only great fun to pass the time but interior design games also help to hone your design skills.


These interior design games are ideal to play with children and they will help with developing colour sense and co-ordination, you can also both have fun designing a home for a fairy, superhero, or dwarf. The games are ideal for a rainy afternoon and if you have a few children to amuse, you can divide them into teams if you have more than one device to play on. There are hours of fun to be had.

“Design My Room” is another application that can be used just for fun but is actually much better than that. You can pretty much design any room in the home – bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, sitting rooms, family rooms, garages, and offices. You name it you can design it on here The online tool set has paint, furniture, flooring, and assorted decorative items to complete a total look, some of which can be bought online in real life! Playing around with different styles is easy, the application is user friendly, and it has a gentle learning curve. This is not only a bit of fun but also a practical tool to help you play with colour and different looks without spending any money. Elements like countertops and floors are easy to place, but smaller items such as refrigerators can be a little tricky.

An interior design project can start off as a bit of fun and can lead into a real life project or stimulate your imagination so that a few random thoughts come together into a proper project. Interior design games are helpful especially if you want to involve other people in the project. Why not try to design a new garden layout as well as interiors. Some of the better interior design games are online but there are others that can be downloaded – the internet is your oyster when looking for interior design games

Share Your Design

The best part about remodelling or designing something on your computer, laptop, or tablet is you can compare before and after images. You can also share your vision whether it is a fantasy film set design or something you may actually use in daily life. This is a great way to get feedback from family and friends if you are embarking on particular projects. You can even email your project into us and we will give it the once over for you.

Many of our students use these tools to gain a different perspective on interior design. Sometimes just for fun and other times to design a small project for experience within the limitations of what the particular software offers.

There is no doubt that a bit of online fun is great, but the principles of interior design are still something that need to be learned and our courses by the day, week or even our year long accreditation, all City and Guilds awards are ideal for any budding interior designer.

Have fun with some interior design games, let your imagination run wild and let us know how you get on!

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