Interior Design Masters Week 2 – Hotel Bedrooms

5 Easy Ways to Get the Hotel Look

For those of you who are enjoying the new hit BBC TV series ‘Interior Design Masters’ you will have seen the 9 remaining contestants designing a hotel bedroom.

Working in a team of three but with their own bedroom to style, the brief was to create an updated look within a tired Victorian hotel and to incorporate a ‘chocolate’ theme.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some ideas and top tips on how to tackle this week’s brief and to create your own hotel-style bedroom.

Top Tip 1 – Getting a Theme Right

 As we saw in last night’s episode, the contestants (who are all hoping to win a coveted commercial design job) were asked to work to a ‘chocolate’ theme.

Here at My Interior Design School, that made us think about the rich tones and hues of milky and dark browns or the crisp darker tints of bitter cocoa.

Whatever your theme or inspiration (and food can be a fabulous starting point) we always advise our students to create a mood board first. Then you can collect your ideas and samples together and experiment with proportions of colour and texture. 

Here you can see some of our ideas for colours, fabrics and wallpapers with a ‘chocolate’ theme.

Interior Design Masters Chocolate Theme Hotel

The rich caramel tones on this mood board, with a mix of textures, fabrics and silks gives a feeling of decadence and opulence. As a starting point for a hotel bedroom design scheme, guests would enjoy the feeling of luxury in these sumptuous surroundings.

Or what about this box of chocolates to inspire a bedroom scheme?

Styling the room in mainly neutrals, with a pop of red as an accent colour, this mood board suggests a more contemporary scheme, with some strong pattern choices of fabric and wallpaper.

Don’t forget to add some interest with texture too, as shown here by the trim, which could be used on some cushions or blinds.

Top Tip 2 – Off To Bed

The bed and how it is dressed is a key part to getting the hotel look just right. An abundance of pillows, quality bed linen, cushions and throws to get a ‘layered’ look will enhance the decadent feel to a bedroom.

Top Tip 3 – Headboard

An oversized headboard has been a huge trend in hotel-inspired interiors. The bigger the better is the key to getting this look. Choose a tactile, sumptuous fabric to bring a sophisticated look to your scheme.

We saw this in Jerome’s bedroom and the judges agreed that it added a sense of grandeur to his room.

Interior Design Masters Chocolate Theme Hotel

Top Tip 4 – Let There Be Light

Well-designed bedside lighting is really important in getting the hotel look. Choose a lamp or wall-light with a wide beam, positioned behind your shoulder to give adequate light to read.

We often see lamps that are too small or too low and so are just not practical. You could also think about hanging pendants either side of the bed for a fabulous design statement.

Top Tip 5 – A Personal Sanctuary

We all love the relaxed and ‘away from home’ feel when staying in a well-designed hotel bedroom. To achieve that in your own home, try not to have too much clutter. Just add a few favourite accessories, a quiet corner to read or a fabulous statement piece of furniture and there you have it. You’ll love your new interior so much, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

Hotel design and particularly ‘boutique’ hotels have had a huge influence on interiors as we try and recreate the feeling of relaxed and comfortable living at home.

We hope you have found our 5 Easy Ways to Get the Hotel Look useful and it has inspired you to start styling with confidence.

If you’d like to learn more interior design, take a look at our courses and workshops here.

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