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Interior designers can help with everything from colour to furniture placingWhether you are decorating a new home for the first time or redecorating key rooms that are in need of a design update, there are a lot of decisions to make. You need to consider if you like your furniture vintage, contemporary, ornate, or sleek and your floors hardwood, carpeted or kilim covered. Colour is a huge decision and can be the key to the décor theme. Finally, window treatments can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Interior designers can assist in these decisions.

Often, people think of curtains and window dressings as an afterthought and wonder why it is so hard to find something to suit. In fact, your window treatments should be an integral part of your interior design process as they can tie the entire look of a room together. Window treatments are also one of the only interior design elements that can be seen from outside the home. An interior designer can help you make the right design decisions whilst taking into account your taste, budget, and decorating preferences.

Some people are reluctant to hire an interior designer because they worry that their own preferences will be forced aside in favour of the designer’s tastes. This is not the case as interior designers such as ourselves always work with you and do not dictate how something should look. In fact, it is our job to bring your vision to life. If you want a Wild West themed bedroom, we will interpret it for you. While it may not have cowhides on the wall or cactus plants in every corner, you can rest assured that the essence of your vision will be as you see it. We will guide you and offer advice and opinions leading to a harmonious, functional version of your inner vision. You will not end up with a room you do not recognise.

Most interior designers are highly qualified and are accredited through world wide recognised qualifications. Many have done apprenticeships with very experienced designers so they fully understand design principles. You may be able to tell by yourself instinctively when a space feels warm or cold, friendly or formal, but may not know how those design practices are put into play. By hiring an interior designer to help you select window dressings and other furnishings, you can utilise shape, line, negative space, colour, and pattern to work toward a final look that conveys the exact vibe you want.

Do not overlook function in your quest for style. A good interior designer will ensure a window dressing performs, as it should taking into account architectural features, amount of light in the room, and whether additional blinds are required. Window treatments can frame a beautiful view bringing form and function into the equation.

Interior design help is more affordable than you think so contact us to assist you with your design decisions. If you would like to learn more yourself, we offer fabulous short and long-term interior design courses where you can learn some interior design skills from qualified and experienced interior designers.

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