Lovely Larders

Many of us are now at home, cooking and baking from scratch.  

It appears that with more time on our hands, the nation has got back to basics. And that means cooking with fresher ingredients and less reliance on convenience food.

Storage Wars

How does that impact on our kitchens?

And what if you need more storage?

Of course, a larder or pantry is the ideal solution, which works particularly well with an open-plan living area. Here we take a look at some stylish storage solutions.

Lovely Larders

Store any kitchen gadgets and food storage elsewhere, out of sight and then style your kitchen to complement your living area. This will result in a cohesive, seamless and stylish look.

You can also reduce the size of your kitchen area, so you’re not looking at rows and rows of cupboards.


Lovely Larders

Make sure your shelves are deep enough and tall enough for what you want to store.

Sounds obvious, but you may need to measure your largest gadget, storage jar or packaging, to make sure they’ll fit.

Lovely Larders

Refill Jars

There’s never been a better time to choose refillable storage items. Even the high street supermarkets are encouraging us to refill.

Air tight jars can look stylish in rows on your shelves and recycling jam jars with a label can be good for the environment too.


Lovely Larders

It’s important to be able to see your stored ingredients easily, so consider lighting at the design stage of your larder.  Make sure that your lighting is not positioned behind where you would stand, to avoid blocking any light and casting a shadow.  

Lovely Larders

In the days before we had fridges, a slab of cold stone, such as marble was used to keep certain foods cool. If you’re planning a larder and you have enough space, a dedicated food preparation area with a ‘cold’ surface would be a practical addition.


If you need additional space for vegetables, you could consider purpose-built wicker basket drawers or some stylish natural reed woven baskets.

Lovely Larders

Practical and stylish!

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