Natalia From El Salvador Tells Us How She’s “Found Her Wild!”

Natalia from El Salvador Tells Us How She’s “Found Her Wild!”

When 23 year old Natalia enrolled on our online Diploma course, My Professional Interior Design Course, she could not have foreseen the massive impact it would have on her life.

Living in El Salvador, a Central American country with few job prospects and opportunities, Natalia’s education had taken her in the direction of international relations and teaching.

However this was not her passion.

With her mum and step mum as inspiring event decoration professionals, Natalia explains how she loved anything to do with houses, colour and styling:

I grew up seeing first-hand how everything worked and what it consisted to create an ambience. I am a very visual person; you could even say I’m very picky when it comes to aesthetics. To me, everything needs to look good and it has to have some kind of order and harmony for it to call my attention. My personality, ever since I was a kid, SCREAMS designer…but I took another road. “

Despite taking aptitude tests which told Natalia she was an “artist”, life took her in another direction to study business administration at University, which she soon realized was not her thing.

Frustration set in and Natalia recalls ….

“I remember calling my parents crying … feeling stressed, frustrated and hopeless. I found myself in an existential crisis, as I like to call it. I told my parents “this is not me. I feel like I’m not accomplishing a dream.”

Natalia decided to turn her life around and find something she was truly passionate about.

Natalia from El Salvador Tells Us How She’s “Found Her Wild!”

She says: “I was determined to figure it out. I was craving a place in which I felt 100% me, I was craving the feeling of accomplishment. I was craving to doing something that I was passionate about. I made a list of things I liked and interior design was on that list.”

We were thrilled Natalia chose My Interior Design School to learn her new interior design skills.

“Within just two modules of my course, I knew this was it. I’d found my wild!”

Natalia’s recent bedroom make-over was inspired by her favourite TV characters, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Both, powerful and strong women.

“They are very inspiring characters, for they teach you how, by working hard for what you want, you can get far” says Natalia.

“I feel that the remodelling of my room expressed the remodelling of my own person at the same time. It was a makeover of a space, as well as a makeover of myself.

I wanted my room to express who Natalia is and how Natalia is feeling now. The blue I used on the walls, is more than a colour. It’s the representation of a Natalia who is not afraid of taking risks. It represents an active and an artistic Natalia. A designer Natalia. A Natalia that won’t let life slip through her fingers without having first accomplished everything.”

Natalia from El Salvador Tells Us How She’s “Found Her Wild!”

Natalia’s online interior design course has changed her life!

Natalia has enjoyed her course with My Interior Design School so much, it has inspired her to start her own interior design business in El Salvador.

“I’m now a 23 year-old who is in the process of developing her own business in interior design. I’m certain of who I am and what I want to do. I have goals and a dream. I am going to be the best interior designer, freelancer, entrepreneur and my own boss of my very own company. I am going to be a boss lady.”

We are sure with Natalia’s new skills, ambition, passion for interiors, styling and colour that her new business venture will be a great success.

We wish her all the best for her future in interior design.

If you’d like to do something you’re truly passionate about, to learn new interior design skills and “find your wild”, take a look at our online interior design courses.

Find your wild with My Interior Design School!

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  1. Avatar
    Marcella Soriano 22/09/2020 at 2:40 pm #

    So proud of Natalia, as her mom I can tell that she finally found her passion!!!

    • Anne Wall
      Anne Wall 22/09/2020 at 3:31 pm #

      How lovely to hear from her mom. You must be so proud! All the best, Anne.

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