Choosing Paint Colours

One of the simplest ways to give a room a makeover especially if you are on a budget is to paint a room. This one action will freshen up a space and give it a different dimension depending on the colours you choose. Repainting walls is one of the easiest and most popular interior improvement […]

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Wallpaper History

Wallpaper is one way to make a dramatic statement with your interior space. Using bold designs with sumptuous finishes can create a spectacular look. Wallpaper is versatile with so many different patterns and finishes, you can be as creative as your imagination will allow. From nursery to grand drawing room, wallpaper is as important now […]

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Different Decor Styles

Very often, we are drawn to a particular decorating style and cannot explain why. Something about the look, the lines, and objects that make up that style that we feel comfortable with. Decor should bring pleasure and often we love the history of a period and this usually includes the decor style from those times. […]

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Antique Furniture

Part of the joy on interior designing is choosing the right furniture to suit your theme or historical period and if you can find something suitable at a bargain price to boot, then it makes it even more fun. Many people want to use retro or antique furnishings so we thought we would give a […]

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Traditional Rugs and Kilims as decor

One of the accessories that can really bring a room to life is a traditional Persian rug or kilim. Whether the rug is on the floor or hanging on the wall as a focal point, rugs are something that can transform a room immediately. Rugs have been made since the 5th century and have evolved […]

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Know your paint

Paint effects and faux painting are techniques that enable you to re-create particular looks in your home without having to use the original and authentic materials. One example is a faux marble effect for walls. When cleverly applied, only very careful scrutiny would be able to tell the faux effect from the real thing. The […]

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Furnishing Small Spaces

When decorating a small area, choice of furnishings is crucial. Furniture that is too large for a small room or does not maximise the limitations of the area are common mistakes. To avoid ending up with a room that is awkward, make use of a few key points when choosing bookshelves, coffee tables, DVD cabinets […]

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Pinterest for Interior Designers

Pinterest for Interior Design

Pinning is has now come of age and moved from a craze into a well established social media platform. In case you are not aware of Pinterest, it is a website that allows sharing of recipes, art, video, interiors, special interests and all things aesthetically pleasing. It has been discovered by wedding planners and interior […]

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Lady partaking in a home study interior design course

Home Study Interior Design Courses

Home study interior design courses are for people who have an interest in interior design. Whether we put a label on it or not, we all make design decisions every day, even if we are just arranging our fruit in the kitchen fruit bowl. Some people have a natural talent for matching colours and bringing […]

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Cheltenham Ladies College

Interior Design Week At Cheltenham Ladies College

Here at Absolute Academy we’re getting excited about our Interior Design Week at The Cheltenham Ladies College where we will be working from the marvellous art studios. The week-long summer course is ideal for anyone over the age of fourteen years. This is a lovely opportunity for a family to spend time together learning the […]

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