Office Decorating Ideas for a Smarter Office

People spend many hours in offices often with drab, grey, corporate décor that is utilitarian and bleak. Combined with overhead fluorescent lighting, the atmosphere can be depressing and dull and it is widely known that the work environment has a real effect on the mood and productivity of workers. It is important therefore if your office is uninspiring to think about some office decorating ideas that will lift the mood of those working there. Whether it is a home office or large open plan office, the benefits of an atmosphere that workers enjoy to be in will make an enormous difference to the success of your business.

While we may not be in the same league as Google who wanted their offices to be an oasis of inspiration, we can use some economical office decorating ideas to create a pleasant, welcoming, and inspiring space in accordance with the business type or profession. Google’s stock in trade is innovation and they wanted a space that would nourish this. They turned the office space into an inspiring haven that raised the motivation of workers in a colourful, playful, yet tranquil manner. There are slides, gym equipment, pool tables and so on and all spaces are different to celebrate the uniqueness of their employees.

Fortunately, there are affordable ways to freshen up your office and done well, new décor will create a talking point too. If an office looks interesting, professional, attractive professional and welcoming, your customers will be attracted to your services and presentable office decoration will make business to business meetings with fellow professionals, trading partners, customers and accountants go more smoothly.

Decorate by Profession

The first thing to decide upon is the impression you wish to give customers. For example, if you are a solicitor or accountant you will want to project a serious and trustworthy impression so office-decorating ideas are likely to be traditional and solid, using dark rich colours and dark wood like mahogany. Traditional paintings on the walls will complete the look. People in creative roles such as graphic designers should use cutting edge, modern office decorating ideas with bold colours, modern workstations, and computer equipment. Artwork can consist of projects you have completed which will act as a visual portfolio for visitors.

Interior designers of course have carte blanche and an eclectic look in an office that is spilling with fabric samples, easels with mood boards displayed, distressed armoires as filing cabinets along with clever use of colour will give the right artistic impression that customers are looking for. Equally, they can be industrial and minimalist depending on their specialist areas.


Colour schemes also make an impression and professional offices are best to stick to neutral colours such as tan, taupe, and beige while the creative professions can use bold primaries and unusual colour combinations. Remember also that the psychology of colour can be used to good advantage when decorating an office.

Paint is an instant way to freshen up office walls and can make a huge difference in a short space of time and act as a backdrop to display your particular profession. For example a blue or sea green wall decorated with travel posters will give the feel of a holiday in a travel agency and may well persuade your customers to book a holiday as the environment conjures up sea, sunshine and far away places.


Furnishings should be professional and suited to the occupation; even the artistic professions still need ergonomically designed desks, chairs and storage spaces for the comfort of the occupants. Any storage solutions should tie in with the furniture. With many options and clever adaptations, storage need not be restricted to grey metal cabinets.


Accessorising the newly decorated and furnished office space should tie the look together and there should be the right balance between professionalism and personality of the individual. Anything goes providing it suits the scheme. Paintings, carpets, framed pictures of family on the desk, interesting desk accessories, sculptures and lamps are all office decorating ideas to complete the total look.

These office decorating ideas will help freshen up a dull space and make the office a grand place to be and hopefully inspire workers and improve productivity, leading to a more viable and successful business.

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