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Pinterest for Interior DesignersPinning is has now come of age and moved from a craze into a well established social media platform. In case you are not aware of Pinterest, it is a website that allows sharing of recipes, art, video, interiors, special interests and all things aesthetically pleasing. It has been discovered by wedding planners and interior designers as it is possible to build up pinboards of ideas for decorating, planning a wedding, dinner party or making over an entire house. You are able to see other people’s pinboards and you can pin their photos to your own pinboard to make your own collection of eclectic ideas for interiors or other types of planning.

Pinterest has made its biggest splash in the world of interiors. Many interior designers use pinboards to showcase their designs but also to collect ideas to use in a theme. Professional or amateur, this is an exciting way to come up with a concept for your own home makeovers. The photographs or objects are known as pins which you can re pin to your own board. You are able to follow pinners who have boards that interest you and in turn they can follow you. Once you have created an account you can start building up your portfolio of pictures for ideas. Suppose you want o design a blue bedroom. It is quite likely a search on “blue bedroom” will reveal lots of inspirational pins from which you can choose pins that appeal to your sense of design. You can then assess and analyse these ideas and put them into practice, modify them or show them to a professional interior designer for their input into your design ideas.

Pinterest is a great way to collect together anything you like or may want to use at some stage. If you are a lover of textiles you can create your own textiles pinboard and capture pins that appeal to you from brightly coloured sari silks to conservative tweeds and linens. If wallpaper is your thing, create a pinboard showing clips of wallpaper that appeal to you. It is also a great way to follow interior designers who may be show casing their designs.

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At Absolute Academy we love anything that makes interior design more appealing to everyone and think Pinterest has a lot to offer. Follow us on Pinterest for some exciting, vibrant and creative ideas or put together some pins of your own and show them to us on one of our day courses or part time interior design courses and we can discuss your ideas and show you how to put them into practice.

With the help of Pinterest, you can indulge your personal tastes and be surprised by some avant garde ideas too. These delightful little collections of design ideas are fun to collect and help you to develop your own taste and design skills whether your interest is cupcake towers or a Cape Cod bedroom. Join us there and lets put some ideas together.

Meanwhile, our Interior Design Week still has some places left so why not come along for a week of creativity and learn some valuable design skills and make your dreamy pinboards a design reality.


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