Preparing for Autumn (Interior Design)

Autumnal Interior DesignNow we are mid way through September and the children have returned to school, it is time to have a look around the home and start to prepare for the forthcoming festivities of autumn and winter. It may seem hard when the days are still long and sunny but that first chill in the air turns one’s thoughts to crisp walks, the fall of autumn leaves and the riot of colours they bring. With cooler days ahead, we can give some attention to making our homes cosy and somewhere we are glad to be at this nostalgic season changing time of year.

Home décor should always exude warmth and comfort, impress sometimes and de-stress the visitors and occupants. Making the entranceway into our homes an introduction to the warmth inside makes a threshold to remember at this time of year. Interior design is not just limited to visual elements, it embraces all of our senses, and when these senses are aroused, that is the stuff that memories are made of. Just having some scones baking or homemade soup on the go when the kids arrive home from school will give them treasured memories for a lifetime, as the smells will always bring back the essence of their home. In ways, this is what atmosphere is and taking these sensual elements into your overall approach to interior design will turn a house into a home.

There are many things that can be done to fill an autumn and winter home entrance to stimulate our senses and welcome our guests. Outside the front door is ideal to have a small log pile of firewood (even if you do not have an open fire!) and seasonal wreaths can hang from the door with an autumn wreath made of leaves, cones, straw and wheat ears to take you through to Halloween before changing to an evergreen festive wreath for the Christmas season. Wellington Boots and umbrellas in the vestibule or porch add to the seasonal look as well as being practical.

On entering the hallway, some scented candles in autumnal fragrances with baskets of pinecones on a hall table give subtle stimulation to our senses. A slipper basket in the hallway is unusual and a thoughtful idea for guests who will feel especially welcomed to your home. Slippers in various sizes can be bought cheaply and will also keep your floors clean. Flowers and plants in autumnal colours will bring your hallway together and make visitors remember the visit and want to come back time and again.

Keep interior design colours and accents warm at this time of year to make your home a place where everyone wants to be.

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