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Bring Your Vision to Life!

My Professional CourseImagine…

Walking into any room with the confidence of a professional interior designer. Just knowing. Being able to create and to share your design vision professionally. Bringing your inspiration to life.

With confidence. And most importantly, with passion.

After all, as much as design is all about style, about vision and creativity, it’s also about passion. Without our passion we couldn’t have created My Interior Design School. Without yours, you wouldn’t be here, reading this now.

But your love and enthusiasm for design is only the beginning. We’re here to guide you through what comes next.

Turn Your Interior Design Calling… Into an Interior Design Career

The My Professional Interior Design Course gives you everything you need to turn your calling into a career. Hand-in-hand with a dedicated tutor, we’ll give you all the skills you need to bring your interior design passion and your interior design visions to life.

Rich and Flexible Learning

My Professional Interior Design CourseThis intensive online course will both challenge and inspire you, and you’ll have the complete freedom to learn at your own pace. You’ll be given hands-on tasks and assignments to improve your skills and give you the confidence to walk into any room to say with certainty that “I know exactly what to do here.”

Guided Support

The course includes a range of step-by-step guides with beautiful, visual instructions to provide you with the technical know-how to support your intuitive eye for what works. And when you need a second expert opinion, your tutor will be happy to offer her thoughts on where you’re work wows, or where, maybe, you need a helping hand.

That Feeling of Accomplishment

Completing the My Professional Interior Design Course won’t just give you an amazing feeling of accomplishment. You’ll also receive your design Diploma, and an exclusive “Qualified Interior Designer” logo to show the world that you really know your stuff.

Module 1


The History of Style, Interiors and Architecture

  • See the influence of history on interior design and how it impacts on design schemes today
  • Learn about the Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco periods
  • Discover how global influences and social ethos can influence interior design such as the Gustavian, American Colonial and Shaker Movement
  • Create your own Historical Collage to help you research past influences on interior design
  • Module 2


    Current Trends

  • Understand how current trends can impact on design schemes today
  • Undertake your own research and create a Current Trend Collage to help broaden your knowledge of today’s influences on interior design
  • Module 3


    Colour Theory

  • Look at colour in depth and learn how colours work together
  • Master the basics of understanding the Colour Wheel
  • Recognise primary, secondary and tertiary colours
  • Learn about triadic, complementary, split-complementary, harmonious and monochromatic schemes and make 6 colour pieces
  • Create a Colour Mood Board
  • Module 4


    Designing With Colour

  • Understand the psychology of colour and how colours can impact on the feel of a room
  • Learn how colour can be used to give an illusion of space in interiors
  • Discover how to use colour with aspect in mind
  • Working to a design specification, create a Colour Brief Mood Board
  • Module 5


    Surveys, Plans and Ergonomics

  • Understand the importance of ergonomics when designing a space
  • Learn how to undertake a site survey
  • Take accurate measurements of a room of your choice
  • Draw a 1:20 Scaled Floorplan
  • Module 6


    Room Design

  • Be guided through the design considerations when planning a Living Room, Dining Room, Home-Based Office, Bedroom and Bathroom
  • Understand the design process and where to begin
  • Start to work on your own room design scheme
  • Source samples of fabrics, paint, wallcovering, accessories and visuals for your final scheme board
  • Module 7


    Lighting Design

  • Understand the different types of lighting and where best to use them
  • Create lighting collages
  • Design your own lighting plan
  • Module 8



  • Understand the importance of elevations as a visual guide
  • Create scaled elevations for your own room design
  • Module 9


    Scheme Boards

  • See examples of scheme boards
  • Create your own final scheme board for your room design
  • Module 10


    Designing For Clients

  • Understand the stages involved when designing for clients
  • Meeting the Client
  • Client Brief Questionnaire
  • The Project
  • Your Fees, Payment Terms and Schedules
  • Contracts / Terms and Conditions
  • Working with Suppliers and Contractors
  • Your Portfolio and Testimonials
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    The My Professional Interior Design Course includes:

    • Up to 12 months online course where you set the schedule
    • Practical, hands-on tasks to teach you new skills and techniques
    • 500+ inspiring photos of amazing interior designs
    • Tutor support and feedback every step of the way
    • An industry-recognised design Diploma
    • A “Qualified Interior Designer” logo for your website and marketing material
    • Two payment options to suit your budget:
      • £899 up front
      • £1189 if paying via the installment plan (£499 enrolment fee plus two consecutive monthly payments of £345)

    Maybe you’ve thought about studying as an interior designer.

    Perhaps you’ve talked about studying as an interior designer.

    Well here’s a smart, easy, and great value way to become an interior designer.

    What are you waiting for?

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    Student Testimonials:

    Shreya, Nepal

    “Thank you so much for the amazing journey. I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot”.

    Marie, Hong Kong

    “Yippee! I’m feeling so happy to have accomplished this course which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I really feel confident now to use what I have learnt when my husband and I set up our first home together when we move to the UK next year. Thank you so much for your patience and for teaching me in the most professional and proper way”.

    Teresa, Paris

    “I have a passion for interiors and my course gave me the confidence to ‘go it alone’ without an architect and make all the design decisions myself to renovate my apartment”.

    Kate, Bedfordshire

    “I am delighted I found this course. I have enjoyed it so much and I feel so much more confident. You helped me find my ‘thing’. Thank you.”

    Jane, Essex

    “Just to let you know that I am really enjoying the course and I’m so glad that I took the plunge and decided to go for it.”

    Sue, Oxfordshire

    “Thank you for a wonderful course – it has been a dream fulfilled”

    Jan, Worcestershire

    “My course was the perfect introduction to the world of interior design. I would recommend anyone embarking on a career in this field to enrol with My Interior Design School”.

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