Project Books for 2013

Project book: Planning the year aheadWe all enjoy daydreaming of a perfect home and at this time of year when the weather is cold and it seems forever until spring, our homes can appear a little lifeless and drab. Nevertheless, there is no better time for spending a few hours planning for the year ahead and the projects you want to complete on your home.

Project Book

First of all, decide where you are going to record your ideas for the projects you want to undertake. You may decide to use planning software on your computer or you may wish to have a project book for your ideas that you can keep handy. Whatever way you choose, use this project book whether online or offline to keep your thoughts and ideas together along with any inspiration, colours and fabric samples you like.,

Essential To Do List

Before getting down to the details, a good idea at the beginning of every year is to take your notebook and walk around every room in the house to create a “to do” list. This exercise will alert you to any essential home maintenance that needs to be done before you start on any interior design projects. For each room make a list. Your list may look something like this:


  • Ceiling Cracks
  • Mould in Corners of Shower Tray
  • Cracked floor tile
  • Dripping Tap

Dining Room

  • Replace Skirting Boards
  • Repair Window Lock
  • Shampoo Carpet
  • Repair Broken Chair

This list is important to have as you can refer to it when you decorate a room and you will be reminded to fix an issue while the room is in upheaval anyway. Once your list is complete, ensure any essential repairs that could affect your home are done. Other smaller tasks can wait.

Now it is time to make a delicious pot of tea and decide on the décor projects you want to achieve around the house. Your room-by-room examination will mean they are fresh in your mind and you may have even had some ideas while examining the rooms that you can now jot down in your book or on the computer.

For each room, list the projects you would like to carry out. It could be you just want to carry out something like replace the curtains or it could be a whole room makeover.

Utility Room Project Example

  • Clean Room
  • De-Clutter Cupboards
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Clean Washing Machine Filter
  • Choose Paint or Wallpaper
  • Distress Cupboard Doors
  • Buy Wicker Laundry Hamper
  • Buy Wall Hooks for Hanging Laundry
  • Decorate Walls

Part of this process will be to research online or around the shops to get the style you want and samples of paint and wallpaper. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration online and you can make your own project pinboards to keep. Once your materials are bought, you have a written plan so can carry through the project without any hassles.

On a larger scale, the more daunting task of a kitchen makeover always pays dividends and does not necessarily have to be outrageously expensive as minor changes can create impact. Replacing cabinet doors alone on kitchen units can transform the room but if that is not affordable, you can try adding new moulding for a different look and painting them. Replace the hardware on the doors and you have a new look to the room at even less cost. A new sink need not be expensive and if your cooker is outdated, consider a re-conditioned one. Keep your notes together and look around for some great ideas for unusual door handles and other bargains.

You should also try to set yourself deadlines and targets for when you will complete the projects. Look at your diary for the year and block out time to achieve a project. Bank holiday weekends are great for larger projects where others can be completed in a few hours.

There is something very satisfying about the planning and it reduces the anxiety of wondering when you will find time or money to complete a project. By having this little planning session you will know where you are and be able to schedule things as and when you are able. Throughout the year, you will find yourself drawn to your project book and be completely satisfied when you see the tasks you have ticked off. Moreover, you will not forget about any little things that need doing for general home maintenance so will have the best of all worlds.

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