Rainbow Interiors

We love seeing children’s rainbow pictures in windows.

In these challenging of times, rainbows can represent a sense of hope and optimism.

And we think they can be a source of inspiration for an interior design scheme!

Rainbow Interiors

Rainbow Colours

What if you want all the colours of the rainbow in your home?

Rainbow Interiors

Then use them all with a neutral white backdrop, for a fabulous, uplifting look to a living room.

And what about this storage idea?

Rainbow Interiors

These colours should make you smile when come to sort it out!


Colour co-ordinating your book spines is a common way to give a rainbow effect to your bookshelves.

But it appears that not everyone is a fan. As the adventurer and TV presenter Ben Fogle found to his cost, after posting a photo of his bookcase on Instagram.

Rainbow Interiors

We say, “why not”?

If you love books and you’ve got enough to make the look work, it can be a great way to add curated colour and a sense of order to your colour scheme.

Rainbow Interiors

Coloured Panels

A fun and easy way to add rainbow colours to a child’s bedroom for example, would be to use panelling.

Rainbow Interiors

Make sure the colours are of the same family, ie: earthy or clear, to get a cohesive look.

Rainbow Interiors

Our student Katie was inspired by the colours of the rainbow and the designer Matthew Williamson, to create this stunning mood board.

If you’d like to learn more about colour in the home and even train to become a qualified Colour Consultant, take a look at our online course, My Colour Consultancy Course.

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Rainbow Interiors

We are colour experts!

And proud to be invited to the iconic home interiors event, The Ideal Home Show to share our colour expertise with the thousands of visitors each year.

Join our online interior design courses to learn more about colour in the home. We’ll show you how!

Anne and Rachael, Directors, My Interior Design School.

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