Rhianydd Puts Her Soul Into This Project

Back in July we told you about our Design Week student Rhianydd who managed to secure a client commission before she had even finished our one week course.

Rhianydd, who is the founder of Seasonal Soul, a homeware and gift company, was staying in a guest house in Cheltenham, so she could join us at Design Week. She had enrolled on our 5-day Diploma course in May to enhance her interior design knowledge and hoping to secure private clients in the future.

The owners of the Guesthouse were so impressed with the mood boards Rhianydd came back with – they commissioned her right there and then to re-style their private apartment!

With the new skills Rhianydd learned at Design Week and with the help of her Handbook, templates and Client Questionnaire from the course, Rhianydd got to work immediately to re-design their space.

The brief was to restyle a Guest Bedroom. Here you can see her initial mood board.

A mood or concept board is where you as the designer, put together some visual ideas after discussing the project with your client. Your board should reflect the look and feel the client wants in the room, having also discussed the practicalities, timings and budget.

Using her Course Handbook from Design Week, Rhianydd could refer to her notes to keep on track with the design process as she worked through the different considerations with her client.

With the new skills she learned with My Interior Design School, Rhianydd was able to produce scaled floorplans, elevations and a final scheme board for the client, as well as knowing how and what to charge.

This is what Rhianydd says about her first project:

My clients asked me to re-design their Guest Bedroom to create a calming, relaxing and tranquil space, with a feeling of light and positivity.

As the room faces East, I repositioned the bed, so guests could make the most of the sunrise. The aspect of the room and making the space seem full of sun and light inspired me to select the colour palette of warm yellows, oranges and greens.

My clients have a lot of books which were not being displayed and so I wanted to make a feature of this – partly to help with storage but also to add a lovely space to read and relax in by creating a mini-library.

I made use of the alcoves in the room; where woodwork, artwork and decorative touches added interest to the scheme.

Throughout the room I created an illusion of space with the use of floating shelves and bedside ledges (instead of cabinets) – a trick I learned on my course with My Interior Design School.

I am thrilled to have worked on my first design commission. My 5 days with Anne and Rachael were invaluable in giving me the confidence to design for a client.

I learned so much in just one week and it has helped me to achieve the look my client wanted, to keep me on track and to make money from my designs. My client is ‘delighted’ and this has helped me take Seasonal Soul to the next level. I couldn’t be more excited!”

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