So what did you think of Interior Design Masters?

The first episode of the new BBC show Interior Design Masters aired last night and after the demise of The Great Interior Design Challenge it was great to see interior design back on the TV.

This is of course entertainment and a competition, with slightly unrealistic time frames and budgets, but it was fascinating to see the 10 contestants working on their own designs, but within a team.

So what did you think of Interior Design Masters?

Top Tip Number One – It’s Not About You!

The contestants’ brief was to design a given room within a show home, to be “contemporary, sophisticated, sumptuous and luxurious with an exclusive but comfortable feel”.

Understanding the brief and who it’s for – in this case presumably an family wanting a large, detached home – should have made the contestants really reflect on their design choices and what the potential client would want.

We heard a lot of ‘”My style” and “I love” but the key to good interior design is reflecting what the client wants.

We loved the confidence of the contestants and their use of bold designs, but for this project the judges thought a black bedroom (even though it was really striking and beautifully put together) was probably too bold for this project.

What did you think? Did this bedroom meet the brief?

So what did you think of Interior Design Masters?

Top Tip Number Two – Interior Design is Not Shopping!

Episode one of the show highlighted that interior design is not easy! There are so many factors to think about when putting together a scheme and it is not all about cushions and paint charts.

It’s also not shopping – otherwise why would a client need an interior designer? 

When clients appoint an interior designer, they trust them to meet the brief but also to add a bit of ‘magic’ to the scheme. To add a wow factor, something they couldn’t do or hadn’t thought of themselves. That’s the skill of an interior designer and what hopefully they have learned to do when mastering the tricks of the trade.

So what did you think of Interior Design Masters?

What did you think of this bedroom? The judges thought it was a bit ‘flat’.

We would love to have seen more shades in this monochromatic scheme. We advise our students to use at least 8-10 different tints and tones to make a scheme really interesting.

Top Tip Number Three – Be Colour Confident!

We loved the way the 10 contestants embraced colour – in their paint choices, soft furnishings and accessories.

Understanding colour and how it can play a part in an interior design scheme is a key skill for an interior designer.

In future episodes of Interior Design Masters, we think there will be more use of the ‘fifth wall’ ie painting your ceiling to make a room feel different.

So what did you think? Will you be watching next week?’

So what did you think of Interior Design Masters?

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(Top three images courtesy of the BBC)

2 Responses to So what did you think of Interior Design Masters?

  1. Avatar
    Jean webb 15/08/2019 at 7:17 pm #

    All the rooms were terrible, I don’t think the designers read the brief they were designing for themselves and not a show home. Their designs certainly wouldn’t inspire me to buy either of those houses without completely redecorating.

    • Anne Wall
      Anne Wall 16/08/2019 at 10:02 am #

      Hi Jean! Thank you for your comments. There were certainly some bold design statements there. And also a lot of pink! We saw some elements that showed promise, including the use of colour but like you say, probably too much for a show home. I look forward to hearing what you think of future episodes (and don’t forget to comment on our Facebook page too). All the best, Anne, Course Director.

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