Spice up your house in 2012!

Window designEver get the feeling that your home needs another makeover? Is the beginning of a new year the perfect excuse to rearrange the living room? Or redesign your kitchen? Or just get things done around the home? One things is for sure, it’s never too late for carrying out a few home improvement resolutions, even as we approach the end of January! Here at Absolute Academy, we have decided to offer up some interior design ideas that can help to make your home a little chirpier this year!

Follow mother nature: By all accounts tangerine will be the colour of choice in homes across the UK in 2012, but if that’s not up your street then why not grab your camera, and head outside to let nature guide you with your colour scheme. There are some incredible colours to be found out there!

Look to the skies: The ceiling, an often forgotten space in the household, holds an incredible amount of design potential. Be it wood, tiling, paint, plaster or wallpaper there are many ways to liven up your ceiling space. If you have a little extra cash in the coffers, why not try out some more outlandish options such as beaming and vaulting?

Fix it up: Walk around your house and make a to-do list of everything that needs repairing, and set aside a weekend or two to get it fixed. If you can’t do it, get someone in who can! You will feel better and your house will look better. Everyone is a winner.

Put that wasted space to use: Walk around the rooms that you normally don’t use too often and think about what you can do with them. Try and use every inch of your house….every inch counts! Think about your hobbies, your passions, what gets you going. These are things that you probably haven’t made space for. Perhaps you thought you didn’t have the space. Now you do!

Lights please: Light is a very important part of our visual environment. There’s no doubt we all feel more alive on a sunny day, and playing around with the artificial lighting in our homes can offer the same effect. It can change the mood of a room….and the people in it! To do this effectively, a variety of light sources ranging from chandeliers to recessed lighting and table lighting could be the order of the day.

Let’s take this outside: An outdoor dining area can add to the quality of life whether it’s a simple wooden table and benches or a sheltered cabin where you get get out of the house and read a book or two. Only possible in the summer? Think again! Outdoor heaters and fireplaces can make your outdoor area very cosy indeed during the colder months of the year.


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