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Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is often overlooked and considered little more than functional in many homes but even if space is tight, a bathroom should be a private oasis where you can get away from it all and indulge in beauty treatments, a soak in the bath or an invigorating shower. A small bathroom does not have […]

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Using Granite in Interiors

Some of the most luxurious and extravagant materials used in home décor are marble and granite. The stunning natural patterns and colours of the stone make flooring, worktops and counters, bathroom vanity units and walls, timeless and artistic. Granite Granite is one of the oldest and most durable natural stones. It is used where toughness […]

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Bathroom Design for a Unique Look

The majority of new houses have a similar bathroom design with bright classy marble and gleaming white square tiles. However, there are so many ways, large and small in which you can transform the generic to the individual. Read the list in this article for some suggestions on how to provide your bathroom with a […]

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