The British Style Tells the Story

Every new year brings a fresh new perspective of style and design. While the predictions for coming seasons include a few vivid colour schemes and outlandish design ideas, one emerging trend is decidedly traditional. Patriotism, experts predict will be bigger than ever in 2012/2013 design trends.

The décor and design trend of Britishness always enjoys some degree of popularity. It has been building in recent years and exploded with the Royal Wedding last year. The extravagance and fairy tale romance of the event brought worldwide attention to Britain, and evoked a deep national pride among the citizens. Symbols and colours representative of our great land began appearing in popular fashion, interior design, and media.

However, the pending 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London has fueled the patriotic fires, and once again put Britain on the world stage. The currently emerging trend is distinctively British, with a decided emphasis on London. The growing nostalgia attachment to yesteryear has put a retro touch on the entire style.


* The hot colours are the classics – rich velvety reds, and deep wood tones top the list. Deep blues, ranging from navy to midnight replace black as the choice for darker accents. Look for gold embellishments and accents to grace clothing as well as home décor.

* Floors of simple design, and subdued grey or neutral tones with formal length window hangings set the stage. Furnishings of simplistic style and impeccable taste are arranged spaciously. Crowded or cluttered are definitely out this year, replaced by understated elegance.

* Fabrics trends also run nostalgic, with a bit more of a flair than we are seeing in furniture. Vintage textiles, romantic laces, exquisite silks, and the ever-classy velvet are among the top choices. Draperies and home linens are designed to be extravagant without being fussy.

* Imagery in design is gaining popularity. Retro prints, and classic London art are expected to be popular. Symbols of romance, such as layer cakes and floral creations have enjoyed rising popularity since the Royal Wedding – watch for Olympic symbolism to gain equal popularity. The greatest rising trend in imagery and symbolism is all things London. From the Tower Bridge to Big Ben, if it’s associated with the home of the 2012 Olympics, it’s hot!


It is always a challenge to incorporate the latest styles into real life home décor. Surely, accent pillows and wall hangings can be changed with the season. However, many decisions such as flooring, wall coverings, and architectural details of remodelling are made according to the trend of the moment. When the moment passes, you or your client then have outdated décor for some time to come.

The current trend has its own flavour, with a unique blend of retro and modern leanings. However, the core of the design is a classic. Patriotic may not always be the rage, but it never goes away. The strong emphasis on simplicity adds to the timelessness, and flexibility current designs. When in doubt, choose a simplified version of a nostalgic. It is trendy now, and will never be outdated!


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