The Joys Of Spring!

Spring-Inspired Room Design

At My Interior Design School, we talk a lot about inspiration. Where do you start with an interior design scheme? What will inspire you to create the look you want?

The answer can often be found in nature.

The colours in flowers, birds, skies and even pebbles on a beach can be a brilliant starting point for a design scheme.

And Spring is a fabulous time of year look to look around and be inspired.

Think of the natural vitality and colours of bulbs and new, fresh and vibrant warm colours in our gardens.

Colour Combinations

Spring colours could influence a colour combination. Imagine a relaxing harmonious scheme of yellow green through to orange or yellow to red orange. Inspired by seeing the first daffodil of the year!

The Joys Of Spring!
A harmonious scheme is when you choose colours from 4 adjacent segments of the designer’s colour wheel

Art and Accessories

Bring the feeling of Spring into your home with artwork evoking the colours and optimism of the season.

The Joys Of Spring!

Yellow and orange florals give a fresh, lively feel to this room.

Art and accessories can be a great way of adding strong colours to an otherwise neutral colour palette. Cushions in seasonal colours can give a different look to your scheme at a minimal cost. 

Feature Chairs

The Joys Of Spring!

Feature chairs can also add a ‘pop’ of colour and make a real style statement in a room.

These yellow chairs give a feeling of vitality against this neutral backdrop and are an easy way to change the look of a room without investing in a new sofa.

The Joys Of Spring!

What about this for a statement piece of art in Spring colours?

Notice how scatter cushions, in the colours of the chosen colour combination transforms and lifts the otherwise neutral scheme.

A Throw
The Joys Of Spring!

A throw on a sofa can be an excellent way to hide a coloured sofa that would not coordinate with your new Spring-inspired scheme. 

Don’t worry if all the colours in your colour scheme are not represented in the throw. Just add some fresh Spring flowers to make sure all the colour combination colours are included, for a cohesive and stylish look.

A Statement Rug
The Joys Of Spring!

If budget allows, a statement rug that combines your chosen colours would be a great way to style your new décor. 

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